Review of Speck DuraFolio for iPad Air

Speck has been making accessories for iPhones and iPads since the inception of those devices. During this time we at technogog have had the opportunity to review many of their products. Today we will be looking at the DuraFolio for iPad Air which seems to be a fusion of numerous excellent ideas that Speck have implemented into an incredibly well designed folio style case.

If you are looking for protection then the military grade drop protection is just what the doctor ordered. This case is tested to meet or exceed MIL-810G-STD ratings.

To please those who are fans of low profile cases Speck keeps the DuraFolio for iPad Air nice and slim adding only 0.3” to the iPad Air’s shape. The outer texture of the DuraFolio for iPad Air has a rubbery finish that provides a secure feel in the user’s hands.

The DuraFolio has a magnetic closure allowing it to act as Smart Cover waking or putting the iPad Air to sleep just by lifting and closing the cover. This front cover folds back in multiple angles to provide numerous viewing angles for displaying the screen or laying down the iPad for typing.



The DuraFolio for iPad Air arrives in a white cardboard package with the case visualized on the front along with its Military grade protection capabilities and describing it’s multiple viewing angles. The back lists additional features of the DuraFolio case.

Speck DuraFolio01 Speck DuraFolio02


Inside the package we find the DuraFolio for iPad Air along with an insert listing the instructions and warranty.

Speck DuraFolio03 Speck DuraFolio04

 Speck DuraFolio05


The DuraFolio for iPad Air comes in multiple color combinations – Deep Sea/Mykonos/Slate, Black/Slate, Slate/Peacock, Fuschia/White, and Black/ Poppy Red. For today’s review we will look at the Black/Slate version.

It measures 9.6” L x 6.9” W x 0.6” D (24.5cm L x 17.6cm W x 1.5cm D) and weighs 10.4 oz.

The case is composed of a hard polycarbonate interior with grippy TPU (thermoplastic urethane) exterior. This combination is designed to absorb shocks and impacts. The exterior is covered by diamond textured faux leather.

Speck DuraFolio06

Since the case is molded it conforms around the iPad Air only adding 0.3” to the overall bulk of the tablet.

The front cover has a fold on the left side for using the cover as a stand. The Speck logo is found on the left side of the case. The outer perimeter of the case is covered by polycarbonate to keep the edges of the leather from fraying.

Speck DuraFolio07


On the inner cover we find a soft microfiber liner for keeping the screen clean, although it did tend to catch small dust and particulates pretty easily as well. There are built in magnets on this inner front cover panel to keep the case securely closed and function as a Smart Cover.

Speck DuraFolio08 Speck DuraFolio09


The back of the case has openings for the camera and microphone. A triangle section folds the back out into a multi-positional stand. An additional magnet is found on this back area to keep the back portion of the cover from flopping around.

Speck DuraFolio10

 Speck DuraFolio11 Speck DuraFolio12


As with any quality case the buttons on the iPad Air are covered by protective material. There are openings on the perimeter of the case for the headphones, mute switch and Lightning connectors as well as protective speaker grills.

Speck DuraFolio13 Speck DuraFolio14


Specifications and Features

Speck DuraFolio for iPad Air

Special Features:

1. Meets military-grade drop protection with a dual-layer design.

2. Provides multiple viewing angles and integrated typing mode.

3. Adds only 0.3” depth to the iPad. Molded hard polycarbonate cover panels provide a slim profile and sleek, mighty protection.

4. Integrated magnets in the front and rear cover panels for auto sleep/wake and secure magnetic closure.

5. Diamond-pattern textured and rugged finish for added grip and reinforced, durable protection.

6. Hard polycarbonate trim protects vegan leather edges from fraying.

7. Full access to all ports.

8. Full coverage with button covers.

9. Natural sound through protective speaker grills.

10. Vegan leather fabric passes rigorous product testing such as thermal cycle temperature and abrasion testing.

11. The seamlessly layered construction and fluid lines enable more sophisticated, premium style.

Price: $69.95 (from Speck at time of review)

Price: $63.21 (from Amazon at time of review)


Testing and Usage

Installing the iPad Air into the DuraFolio for iPad Air involves wrapping the edges of the cradle around the tablet and pressing it into position. Removal involves grabbing the tabbed left side edge of the case and pulling the DuraFolio back off the iPad Air.

Once inserted the DuraFolio for iPad Air is ready for use. You will immediately notice how well Speck constructed this case. It feels substantial in one’s hands with a bulletproof feel. Although it adds only a slight bit of bulk it is heavier than other folio cases.

The diamond texture and faux leather feel makes the DuraFolio for iPad Air seem secure in one’s hands. Aesthetically it is a handsome folio case which does not seem too formal for everyday use but still has a professional looking style.

Speck DuraFolio15

Speck DuraFolio16


In terms of protection the DuraFolio for iPad Air is designed to withstand most kinds of punishments. As per Speck:

DuraFolio meets or exceeds MIL-STD-810G standards. This means that while holding an iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina display, our DuraFolio was dropped onto a hard, unrelenting surface and the iPad retained full functionality, with no damage to the screen or buttons. DuraFolio also passed temperature cycle thermal shock tests lasting 24 hours, ASTM 3389 abrasion testing of 1000g load and H-18 abrasion wheels of 72 RPM, chemical resistance lasting 5 hours, and force exerted tests where it withstood 60kgf.

As someone with children this makes me feel more secure when my kids are playing around on my iPad Air.

With the cover folded over the lip of the cradle provides a small-elevated rim, which keeps the display from resting directly on a flat surface when the iPad Air is placed facedown.

Numerous slots on the inner cover allow the DuraFolio to be positioned at a step or shallow viewing angle. The stand keeps the iPad securely in its viewing position and does not slip or slide out of place.

Speck DuraFolio17

Speck DuraFolio18 Speck DuraFolio19


Pulling the front cover down and tucking it under the triangle portion of the back cover places the DuraFolio into a typing orientation.

Speck DuraFolio20

 Speck DuraFolio21 Speck DuraFolio22


The button covers are thick and require a little bit of force to push them. All of the ports are easily accessible with the DuraFolio in place.

Speck DuraFolio23

Speck DuraFolio24 Speck DuraFolio25



Overall Speck has designed what I think is one of the best iPad Air folio cases on the market to date. In terms of protection I think outside of an OtterBox style you have the iPad Air pretty well armored using the DuraFolio. Of course the display can be exposed but that can be said of most iPad cases.

Its solid build especially impresses me, the DuraFolio feels like the iPad Air is resting in Kevlar. The military grade drop protection gives the user peace of mind when a drop ever occurs.

Besides this incredible level of protection the DuraFolio is very versatile as a stand. The Smart Cover feature is always a welcome feature and worked flawlessly.

Speck has done an amazing job incorporating the best features of previous Speck iPad cases to create one of the best-designed folio cases on the market. If you are looking for something low profile that is incredibly tough and versatile then the DuraFolio for iPad Air is the way to go.


score-10-10 Recommended


+Military Grade Protection
+Smart Cover enabled
+Multiple viewing angles
+Grippy textured feel
+Low profile


Grades: 10 out of 10
Overall score-10-10
Design / Aesthetic score-10-10
Value / Price score-10-10
Performance / Usage score-10-10

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