Review of Speck PixelSleeve 13” Laptop and Netbook Case

Speck loves the term ‘Pixel’. I have reviewed numerous Pixel dubbed items, mostly for the iPhone and iPad. Today we will look at a laptop carrying sleeve case designed for up to 13” laptops called the PixelSleeve. It can fit most 13” machines including the newest Apple MacBook Air 13” revision.

Although Speck recently released a MacBook Air specific version of this sleeve named PixelSleeve Air, today we will look at the standard 13” model.

The PixelSleeve comes without any packaging other than an attached tag.

PixelSleeve01 PixelSleeve02

Viewing the sleeve we see the “Pixel” pattern that is a Speck hallmark by this time. These little elevated black squares are evenly distributed along the surface of the sleeve. It is composed of a neoprene material dubbed PixelPrene which stretches around most 13” laptops. Beneath this neoprene is a layer of padding.


A rubber Speck logo is found on the lower left on the front of the PixelSleeve. The zipper extends from the right lower ¼ to right edge of the sleeve and around to the top right ¼. The zipper has a rubbery plastic coating with the Speck logo; this is likely to keep the zipper from harming the laptop.

PixelSleeve04 PixelSleeve05

In the middle of the top of the PixelSleeve is a padded handle that is attached via a double stitch. Missing from the body of the PixelSleeve is any form of pocket. It would be nice to have a spot for placing one’s pens or a few papers.

PixelSleeve06 PixelSleeve07

The interior of the sleeve features a scratch free micro-fleece that is soft and keeps your laptop from being scratched. Just inside the zipper is a neoprene lip which wraps around the end of the laptop when held in the sleeve.

PixelSleeve08 PixelSleeve09 PixelSleeve10



Quick Overview

Fits laptops up to 13″. Netbook and laptop computers have changed the way people think about mobile computing, and Speck is changing the way folks carry their computers. PixelSleeve is protective, portable and lightweight. A stretchy neoprene skin snugs up to your device, guarding against damage. Easy to stash in a bag and easy to carry with its integrated handle, PixelSleeve also makes airport security check points quick and easy with its lay-flat checkpoint-friendly design.

-Fits notebooks up to 13″
-Lightweight carry sleeve with handle
-Textured neoprene exterior stretches to secure device snugly inside
-Soft scratch-free micro-fleece interior lining
-Convenient built-in ultra low-profile carry handle
-Airport security checkpoint-friendly design

Dimensions: 1.0″ x 14.0″ x 10.0″
Weight: 0.5 oz
Materials: PixelPrene


I tested the PixelSleeve using a 2010 model MacBook Air. The PixelSleeve fit perfectly and provided plenty of padding for the razer thin Apple laptop. I keep an SD card in my MacBook Air that protrudes out a centimeter or so and the PixelSleeve was able to accommodate this excess material without a problem.


The inner neoprene lip helps keep the MacBook Air from accidentally sliding out.


The PixelSleeve is lightweight and easily malleable making it simple to stow away in a rolled or folded configuration. The microfleece padding on the handle makes carrying the sleeve like an attaché comfortable. Since it is a sleeve, I ended up carrying it like a book more than by the handle.

The sleeve is stretchy enough that one can slide their power cord into the sleeve, but I would not recommend do this too much as you might scratch your laptop and/or stretch out the sleeve.

PixelSleeve01 PixelSleeve04 PixelSleeve11 PixelSleeve12


The PixelSleeve is a great way to protect one’s laptop whether it is a PC or Mac. It is able to accommodate up to 13” widescreen laptops. The sleeve is well padded protects its contents without difficulty. My one issue with the PixelSleeve is the lack of an external pocket for carrying small items such as papers or pens.

Speck continues to be on of the premier accessory makes for electronic products and the PixelSleeve is another winner.


+Well padded
+Fits up 13” laptops
+Microfleece padded interior

-Lacks external pocket/sleeve
-Fits laptop, not much else

Overall score-9-10
Design score-9-10
Performance score-10-10

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