Review of SuperTooth Buddy Hands-Free Car Kit

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One of my biggest gripes is people talking on their phone while driving. My biggest gripe is people texting while driving, I can’t stand that. Driving with a phone up to your ear can be rather dangerous for both the drivers and those around them, I’m sure you’ve read of the accidents that happened because of it. Bluetooth headsets are one way to talk more safely while driving but they’re not for everyone. The next choice would be a Bluetooth speakerphone but not all are made equal, and you’ve got plenty of choices to sift through when choosing the one for you.

Today for review I’ve got what is probably one of the best Bluetooth speakerphones on the market today called the Buddy, it’s from a company called SuperTooth. I’ve red good things about their products, but never had the chance until now to test any out. The Buddy clips to the visor in your car so it’s easy accessible while driving, and it has a one thousand hour standby time with twenty hours of talk time after charging it for only three hours.

The SuperTooth Buddy comes in an easy open plastic package.

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Inside the box you won’t find much really, just the Buddy, USB cable, car style adapter and some documentation.


The Buddy itself has five buttons on it. Two for volume up and down, power, reject call and a multi-function button for answering and hanging up etc.


One thing unique about the Buddy is that it features a metal clip on the back that is magnetic. There’s a fairly strong magnet built into the Buddy that attached to the metal clip.

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The Buddy is thin and it feels heavier than it looks, overall I think it’s well made.



SuperTooth Buddy

Have safe phone calls in your car using the Bluetooth 2.1 SuperTooth Buddy hands-free car kit.


Full auto pairing
-Automatic pairing between your phone and the SuperTooth Buddy

Auto Connect
-Automatic recognition between your phone and the SuperTooth Buddy

-Pair 2 phones simultaneously

>Zero Installation
-The SuperTooth Buddy requires no installation.


-Full duplex
-DSP: echo cancellation / double noise canceller
-Digital volume control
-Call waiting
-Voice recognition calling (if phone supports it)
-Last call redial
-Can also be charged from PC via USB cable
-14.6 x 49 x 120mm
-64 grams

20 hours talk time
1000 Hours stand-by time
3 hours charging time

Price: $50 ( +/- depending where you look)

I attached the  clip for the Buddy to my visor and then let the Buddy stick to it. The magnet is very strong, no matter where or how I drove it held the Buddy in place very well. I was a bit skeptical that just magnet could hold it in place, but after a few days of it in my car I’m no longer skeptical. The Buddy has low profile so it fit nicely on my visor, and it’s not in the way at all, I didn’t even really notice it while driving.


I paired it with my Samsung Captivate and made phone calls. It paired to my phone with no problem, just a few seconds and it was paired.

One problem I found with other speakerphones is the volume, it’s just too low, especially if you’re driving with a window down. The SuperTooth Buddy has no such problems in that area, it’s very loud and it’s still clear even at loud volumes. The sound from the Buddy is crystal clear actually, the best I’ve ever head I think.

Using it to make and answer calls requires just the push of a button, and then you can talk away. I was told I sounded just like I was talking on the phone, perfectly clear and people were surprised I was on a speakerphone.

Battery life is just excellent, I didn’t talk for twenty hours that’s for sure, it would take me months to talk that much on the phone honestly. I did leave it on for a few days and just got in my car and let it pair with my phone.

One thing I don’t like is the power cord is rather short. Another thing is that the USB port is on the back of the device. I guess that doesn’t matter much as I don’t think you’ll be charging it while it’s on your visor, I know I wouldn’t want a cord hanging in front of me while driving. I’ve seen people doing strange things though, so it wouldn’t surprise me if someone would want to.

The price is about $50, depending where you look you can get it a little cheaper though. I think it’s worth it, it’s well made and it’s easy to use and it offers quite a bit of use on a charge.

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The SuperTooth Buddy is a great little product in my humble opinion. It works well, it’s easy to use, sound quality is excellent and it offers great battery life. What more could you ask for in a product like this?


+Excellent battery life
+Very good sound quality
+Easy to use
+Gets very loud

-Cord is short


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