Review of X Doria Dash Folio for iPad mini

For today’s review we will be looking at the x-doria Dash Folio which as the name implies is a folio style case for the iPad mini. It is designed to be multi-functional as it protects the iPad mini while providing multiple stand positions for viewing the tablet. The front cover acts as a Smart Cover allowing the iPad to wake/sleep when opening and closing the cover.




The x-doria Dash Folio arrives in a silver and black cardboard package with a window displaying part of the case on its front and back. The front list some features of the case while on the back we see the two color options along with some images of the built-in stand positions.

Dash Folio01 Dash Folio02


Opening the package refine the x-doria Dash Folio by itself with a foam spacer found inside. The x-doria offers the Dash Folio two colors choices – black/silver or brown/green. For today’s review we will check out the black model.

The outside is covered with a leather material along with a pattern based on the x-doria logo on the front and back edges. The front cover folds backwards allowing this section to act as a base of the stand. In the back of the case is an opening for the iPad mini’s camera.

Dash Folio03

 Dash Folio04 Dash Folio05


Opening the case like a book we see the inner front cover has notches to position the stand at various angles. There is also an elastic strap which keeps the case closed when not using the iPad mini.

Dash Folio06 Dash Folio07


The right side of the case houses the iPad mini holder/cradle and is composed of a whitish gray rubbery material. Opening for the headphone jack, microphone, speakers, lightning connector and mute switch are found around the perimeter of this holder. The rubbery material covers the power button and volume switches.

The back of this cradle has numerous openings to help keep the iPad mini vented while also keeping the case a little lighter. -9

Dash Folio08 Dash Folio09


The holder elevates off the back of the case allowing it to be positioned into numerous angles. On the left side of a holder are two notches for keeping the stand securely in position on the front cover base.

Dash Folio10 Dash Folio11




Specifications and Features

Dash Folio12


Like any well designed case all of the iPad mini’s ports and controls are easy accessible with the Dash Folio in place.

Dash Folio13

Dash Folio14 Dash Folio15


The Dash Folio’s overall design is elegant and business like. On its side the case is reminiscent of a leather bound book.

Dash Folio16


The front cover the case acts as a smart cover allowing the mini to wake and go to sleep with it’s opening and closing. The front cover wraps around the back allowing the user to hold the iPad with a single hand. The elastic strap wraps around the back of the case to keep it closed and also covers the camera opening to protect the iPad’s lens.

Dash Folio17 Dash Folio18


One of the Dash Folio’s main selling features is its stand capabilities. The case allows the iPad to stand upright at numerous angles for viewing the screen and can also be tilted for typing at a comfortable angle.

Dash Folio19

Dash Folio20 Dash Folio21

Dash Folio22


In terms of protection, the Dash Folio is solidly built and well padded to keep the iPad mini safe from mild to moderate trauma. It is comfortable in one’s hands and adds a small amount of bulk and weight.




The x-doria Dash Folio is designed to protect the iPad mini while providing added features such as stand capabilities and working as a Smart Cover. While it is a little bulkier than I like in my folio style cases, it still has an elegant design and is solidly constructed. If you are looking for an excellent folio case for your iPad mini then the x-doria Dash Folio is a great option.



+Acts as smart cover
+Functions as a stand
+Provides good protection
+Elastic closure
+Elegant appearance

-Adds bulk

Overall score-8-10
Design / Aesthetic score-8-10
Value / Price score-8-10
Performance / Usage score-9-10

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