Review of X-Doria Dash Folio Spin for Samsung Galaxy S5

Welcome one and all… this is my first official review so bear with me as me not write so good. Today I am reviewing a case for the Samsung Galaxy S5 made by X-Doria. This particular model is the Dash Folio Spin. One thing I have noticed on the S5 and having had the S4 other than the large screen and the beautiful 5.1 Full HD Super AMOLED Display (On the S5) is that the phone looks particularly frail and so a case that surrounds the phone and protects it from all sides seems to be a needed accessory. And as you will find I am a simple and humble man, I have simple and humble dreams and so arrived this case…





The X-Doria Dash Folio Spin case comes in a simple to open plastic box with clear front window and an opening in that window on the bottom right of the front of the box to feel the front of the case. The back of the box is grey with information about the features of the case.

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Inside you’ll find a plastic tray containing the case. There are no instructions or product information, as they are listed on the back of the box. Out of the box, the case looks good and has a nice feel to it, with its “leather –like” material construction. It is designed to add protection to the phone but not add a lot of bulk or weight to the phone. The case feels sturdy and durably constructed.

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When you open the case you will find a paper model that represents the phone sitting where the phone will sit. The Dash Folio Spin also has cut-outs for the buttons and ports so you can easily access them without taking the phone out of the case which you’ll see more of when the phone is in the case in the next section of the review.






Specifications and Features

Dash Folio Spin for Galaxy S5

Dash Folio for Galaxy S5 provides the best in protection & function. A rotating, multi-position stand allows you to view the large screen from many angles, in horizontal or landscape position. Premium leather-like material makes this case elegant, and precision engineered construction provides a slim fit.

-Multi-position stand, Rotates for landscape and portrait stand use
-Premium leather-like material with a slim fit
-Protects against scratches front, back and sides

Price: $29.99

Price: $19.99 (from Amazon at time of review)

Testing and Usage

The phone snaps inside the case snugly. However at the top right of the phone, near the head phone jack the cases seems to not overlap the edge of the phone as it does on the other sides of the phone. While it does not “snap” into place on all sides, after using it I can say that it is not a concern that the phone will fall out of the case, as it fits snug in all other sections.

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The case has two parts that are linked together, and cannot be taken apart. The first, being the section that holds the phone. There are slotted sections on all sides of the case for the power button, volume button, ear jacks and charging cable.



The second part is the front and back cover (again, not able to separate sections from each other). The front flap opens and closes to reveal the phone. The back flap has cutouts for the camera, heart rate sensor and the speaker.

The cut out is large enough to not interfere with the flash of the camera or to use the heart rate monitor without taking the case off. With this case you will have access to charge the phone without interference.

The volume up and down button is hidden by the side of the case, but once the case is open and you are using the phone it is easy to increase or decrease the volume. I should note that the NFC function of the Galaxy S5 works perfectly fine while it’s in the Dash Folio Spin.

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The two sections swivel 360 degrees, which allow you to place the phone in landscape or portrait view. The swiveling (swiveled to landscape mode) also allows you to use the camera by folding the front flap backwards and it sits right below the flash function of the camera.

If swiveled into portrait mode, the front flap interferes with the camera lens and flash function. If you continue to move the front flap back, which in turn moves the moveable part of the back flap, you will have access to the camera in portrait mode.

However, when all of that is said and done you will find that the front flap is now hiding part of the phone screen. The folio case does not allow for folding of the front flap behind the back flap to hide it away from the screen.

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The case has a kickstand feature that can be used (in either landscape or portrait view) to hold the phone up, for say watching videos. Below you will see pictures of the case with and without the phone.

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The front cover closes on the phone to protect the screen from scratches or debris. The front cover also has a slot at the top so you are able to talk on the phone with the case closed.




This case is made of a premium leather-like material which helps with gripping the phone. Several of the features that I liked are the ability to use the case as a kick stand in either landscape of portrait mode and the folding front cover to protect the screen from dust and debris.

The kick stand features works very well and is easy to use. It does not take long for the phone to acclimate to that particular feature. In landscape or portrait mode, the phone sits up and does not fall forward or back. More on this below

The case is light and slim and does not add much weight or thickness to the phone which is always a plus as phones have become lighter and sleeker. Using this case allows you to utilize the full functionality of the phone (front and back) without taking off the case, which includes the NFC (Near Field Communication) and heart rate monitor functions, which I liked.

Another positive is the ability to use the phone to make calls (after dialing of course) with the front of the case closed. Having a case that protects the phone from all angles is useful in our rough and turbulent world and this case does a good job of that. The cover closes easily and stays closed and the phone fits inside the case very well.

The one design issue that I am having with testing this case is that, as this is a snap in case, it does not snap in very well in the top right hand corner of the phone. It fits the phone in all other places very well and the phone is in no danger of falling out.

The front flap is sturdy enough that when using the phone, while in the case to take pictures, it does not interfere with the camera lens. When held up to take pictures, the front flap stays in place without needing to maneuver the phone awkwardly to take pictures.

Also the front and the moveable part of the back flap can be moved completely away from the camera lens and heart rate monitor sensor for easy access. The one drawback is that the front flap does not tuck all the way behind the back flap to hide it away from the screen.

As I mentioned earlier the phone acclimates to the kickstand feature very well, as in once you set it there it stays very well… until you go to use it in portrait mode. Once you press on the phone or on a button, the phone moves backward and can have the tendency to fall. The bottom and sides of the case the phone fits in to have grooves in them to help hold the phone in place.

However, I have found that in portrait mode it does not work as well as it does in landscape mode. If you hold the case flap while on a desk with one hand and operate the phone with the other the case works very well in portrait mode. But, if you do not hold the case, your phone will most likely fall backwards when you press on the screen.

I liked this case overall; it is sturdy and protects the phone very well. The kick stand feature is nice with the drawback of it not working that well without two hands in portrait mode.

I would recommend this case for anyone who uses their phone for multimedia applications such as video or gaming (in landscape mode. It is worth the price if you are looking for a case with a kickstand and like the design and feel of a leather case.

The durable plastic insert (the part the phone sits in) is rugged and protects against drops on all sides.

It’s sleek design and good looks make it a good case for anyone who is looking for a stylish yet protective phone case.



+Does not add too much weight or thickness to the phone.
+Built in kick stand
+Solid protection on all sides

-Does not snap in on all sides
-Phone falls in portrait kickstand mode when screen is pressed

Grades: 8 out of 10
Overall score-8-10
Design / Aesthetic score-8-10
Value / Price score-9-10
Performance / Usage score-8-10

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