Thrustmaster T-Fitness Pro Pack NW for Nintendo Wii


The Nintendo Wii has changed the face of consoles, now you don’t just sit there like a lump and play games, with the Wii you can get physically involved in your games. With this physical element, the natural progression would be fitness games, these games have become very popular and have allowed us to not only have fun but get more physical activity than we would by just sitting there with a controller in our hands.

The Wii balance board might be considered an expensive accessory for a game console, coming in at around $100, it’s not cheap, and personally if I spend that kind of money I want a way to make sure nothing happens to it. Thrustmaster has sent me over the T-Fitness Pro Pack NW which consists of nice accessories for your Wii. It a fitness pack so you’ll find a pair of weights, a headband and even a workout mat included, but you also get a rechargeable battery pack for your balance board and a nice carrying case. If you’re looking for a gift this holiday for a Wii fitness fan then you might want to take a close look at this one, I think it’s rather inexpensive for what you get in this kit really..

The T-Fitness Pro Pack NW comes in a large box with pictures and details on it.

DSCF7370 DSCF7372

When you open up the box you’ll find one thing, the carrying case wrapped in plastic.


The carrying case seems well made, it’s got two handles on the top with a velcro closure on the two handles and the bag secures with two zippers.

DSCF7375 DSCF7377 DSCF7378

Opening the bag up you’ll find all of the accessories inside.


The bag itself is actually nicely made, it’s lightly padded on the top and bottom. When opened you’ve got access to two pockets for accessories, or games.

DSCF7380 DSCF7381

The battery pack is a rechargeable one, it replaces the batteries and the battery cover on your Wii Balance Board. It gets charged with a USB cable that can attach to the USB port on your Wii.

DSCF7382 DSCF7385 DSCF7386 DSCF7388

Included also is a set of weights, headband and a lanyard that could be used for an MP3 player, along with a cleaning cloth.

DSCF7389 DSCF7390 DSCF7391 DSCF7392 DSCF7395

The included mat seems well made, it’s a woven foam rubber that commonly used for this type of thing. It’s rather thick so it should provide some cushion for your workouts.

DSCF7400 DSCF7401


T-Fitness Pro Pack NW
Ultimate Pack of 9 elements for the Nintendo WiiFit Balance Board

-1 USB recharging cable: for recharging the battery directly on the Wii USB port
-1 floor mat in woven foam-rubber to go with your floor exercises
-Ultimate Pack of 9 elements for the Nintendo WiiFit Balance Board including:
-1 trendy and stylish transport bag with sporty colors and 2 internal pockets for storing, protecting and transporting your Balance Board as well as 1 game and this pack’s accessories.
-1 cleaning cloth in matching colors
-2 flexible dumbbells for wrists or ankles “toughen” your exercises like the pros.
-1 rechargeable battery: no longer any need to buy batteries!
-1 matching anti-perspiration headband.
-1 “around the neck” shoulder strap to attach your MP3 player.

Price:  $30 – $40 (depending where you look)

To use the bag you just put your balance board in it and close it up, you can put other things in the pockets as well like the accessories or a game.


I quickly found though that I couldn’t fit the mat inside the bag once the balance board was in there, it kind of defeats the purpose of it doesn’t it? You’ll end up having to carry the mat separately. With the board and the accessories in the case it was a very tight fit but then I realized I had to flip the balance board over, it was still a tight fit but it was easier to close.

DSCF7410 DSCF7411 DSCF7412 DSCF7413

The bag seems nicely made, it should last quite a while and offer decent protection for your balance board and protect it from damage while in transport and while just handing around your home. It certainly does make it easier to transport it around. I’ve got kids and space is rather limited in my home with all of their stuff floating around so I’ve got to hide my balance board or it keeps getting knocked around, the bag is a nice way to protect it.

The weights have velcro on them, they’re like little belts, you can adjust the sizes to fit and they should fit most everyone.

DSCF7396 DSCF7397 DSCF7398

I do have one concern about the weights, there was no instructions included with this kit expect for the battery pack, it doesn’t say anywhere if the weights can be machine washed, but they’re cloth so I don’t see why they shouldn’t be able to be washed normally. Since they’re cloth and you’ll be wearing then while working out, they’ll most likely get sweat on them, so after a while they will need washed, hopefully I’m correct in saying they can be machine washed.

As far as the headband is concerned, well those went out in like the 70’s I thought, but every fashion trend seems to come back so you’ll be prepared.  There’s not much to say about the headband really, it’s elastic and should fit most any size head.

The battery kit is probably the most useful part of this kit, next to the bag I think, not having to buy batteries is nice.

Installation is easy, just remove your old batteries:

DSCF7403 DSCF7404

Then install the battery pack, it’s easy just pop it in the battery spot:

DSCF7406 DSCF7407

Then you can attach the charging cable and charge it, in a couple hours you’ll be ready to use your balance board.


I use my board, but not too often, so I still had the original batteries in it actually, so the rechargeable batteries should last quite a while as the Wii Balance Board doesn’t really use that much power.

Overall this isn’t bad kit, especially if you hop over to Amazon and get it for only $30. The case, weights and the battery pack are the three most important parts of the kit, at least to me they are, the rest of the kit is just fluff really, I won’t be using the headband of the MP3 player strap, but at least the strap could be used for something else..

DSCF7370 DSCF7375 DSCF7385 DSCF7389


The Thurstmaster T-Fitness Pro Pack NW makes a great accompaniment to the Wii and its balance board. If you’re a fitness buff or you know someone who is then I think you or they will like this kit. The bag and the battery pack are worth the price of this kit I think, but you also get the weights and workout mat and the other things.

I don’t like the fact that I can’t fit the mat inside of the bag once the Balance Board is in there, I thought the whole idea was to be able to carry everything with you. If you take out the accessories like the weights especially then you can fit the mat in there though, so you’ll have to make a decision as to what you want to take or carry something on the side.


+Offers good protection for your Wii Balance Board
+Nice assortment of accessories

-Everything doesn’t fit in bag once Balance Board in in it
-Tight fit with board and accessories in case


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