Zowie Hammer Gaming Headset


Up on the review block today I’ve got a gaming headset from Zowie Gear called the Hammer. The Hammer is made for gaming specifically, and for gaming it works well, but if you’re looking for a headset that you can use for music and movies as well you might want to look elsewhere. The headset is nicely made with a large boom style microphone, long cables and even two types of ear pads are included.

We’ll start this off with an unboxing video and some still picture of the Hammer Headset:

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Superb Sound for Professional e-Sports

Feature :
-Extra cloth ear cushions included
-Superb Sound for Professional e-Sports
-Clear and precise audio for better awareness and opponent detection
-Specially designed headband that prevents bending damage
-Reinforced microphone boom for long, durable life
-Oversized leather cushioned ear pads maximizing comfort

So for testing I played games and I listened to music and even watched a movie with them on.

I mentioned in the intro that these are not good for music or movies, and that’s very true, but they are made specifically for gaming and not advertised as being for music or movies. Still though I prefer a headset that I can use for most everything, one that is equally balanced for any of my needs. I don’t want to have two different headsets floating around for different uses, I want one that I can use for most every occasion.  How many people go to a Lan party and play games the entire time? Sure there’s a lot a gaming going on, but there is down time as well where you’ll listen to music or even watch a movie, I personally would not want to carry a second headset for that purpose.

The main problem with the Hammer is the lack of bass, there’s virtually none at all, and that is for both gaming and music or movies. If you turn the bass up the sound just gets very distorted and nasty. I’m not into bass heavy music, but I do like to really feel or hear the explosions in my games, with the Hammer headset there is bass, but it’s just not very pronounced. The Hammer seems to focus on high sound more than low ones, but that’s not saying they’re not there, just not heavily.

The Hammer does though work very well for gaming in other respects like being able to hear most everything, and you’ll hear where things are in your environment like the enemies or gunshots.

If you’re a dedicated hardcore gamer then you might specifically have one headset for gaming only, and these will work for that, you’ll appreciate the sound quality for gaming with the Zowie Hammer.

As for the microphone, it seems to work well, I was told I could be heard clearly and loudly. From a personal preference stand point, I think the microphone is a bit large, it’s really right there in your face when you’re using it

The in-line controls are nice to have, and the cable extension are an added bonus that I think should come with every set of gaming headphones sold.

The Hammer headset is comfortable for long periods, and the included two styles of ear pads are nice. The leather leather style can sometimes be uncomfortable especially if you’re sweating, but you can just switch to the cloth style.

It might seem like I’m a bit harsh on this product but I’m not really, it’s just my personal opinion and preferences here really, there are certain things I look for in a headset and these just don’t fit my needs.

DSCF4567 DSCF4571 DSCF4573 DSCF4590


The Zowie Hammer Gaming Headset is just that, a gaming headset, for gaming they’ll work fine. You’ll hear everything that’s going on around you and know where your friends and enemies are.

If you’re looking for a headset that also works well for movies and music then you might want to look elsewhere though, the Hammer just isn’t that good for music or movies. Yes they’ll work for it, but you won’t be very happy with the sounds…


+Well made
+Audio extension cables included
+Two different styles of ear pads included
+Good sound for gaming

-Lack of bass
-Large microphone
-Not good for music of movies

Overall score-8-10
Design score-9-10
Performance score-8-10