iPhone 5S Rumor Roundup

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All Apple products go through a long period of rumors and speculation before the eventual reveal. We’ve got precisely the same story for the iPhone 5S, and right now the news headlines are flying furiously – let’s take a look at what’s been said as of late.




Pretty much all ‘S’ iPhones have seen some internal hardware changes, and it looks like the iPhone 5S isn’t going to break that trend. According to Chinese suppliers, we’re looking at an upgraded A6 quad-core processor, along with a first for an Apple mobile product – 2 GB of RAM. The battery is also said to be bigger, in order to power all of the other exciting tech we’ll cover next.



The biggest iPhone 5S upgrade may be its display, which moves from IPS LCD to IGZO. IGZO technology is still rather new, but the benefits for switching are numerous: better color accuracy, thinner displays and even much improved battery life. Resolution and screen size are expected to say the same, however.


New features

How do you make Apple’s iconic slide-to-unlock gesture better? How about adding in some extra security using a fingerprint reader? Another addition is expected to be NFC, which can be used for making mobile payments or automatically performing actions when a tag is read.



The camera has seen an upgrade in every S model iPhone, so it’d be foolish not to expect the same again. We’re looking at a move from an 8 megapixel sensor to a 12 megapixel one, as well as the inclusion of a dual LED flash that should increase the flash’s effective range.



While we’ve seen a lot of innovation internally, not much will change on the outside. That means the same look as the iPhone 5, so all of your old iPhone 5 cases will still work!



And that’s it for now. I’m sure we’ll see many more rumors about the iPhone 5S before its eventual launch later this year, so stay posted for more late-breaking developments. Thanks for reading the article and have a good one!

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  1. Mrs. Calabash
    July 20, 2013 at 1:56 pm

    Existing iPhone5 cases won’t be 100% compatible if there are dual flash LEDs.

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