Gunnar Optiks Black Friday Deals and More

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I’ve always wanted a pair of these glasses, I tried to get them for review but never heard from them after I contacted them. Oh well, maybe now is the time to buy a pair for myself, they’ve got some decent deals going on Black Friday and next week as well.



GUNNAR Optiks® today revealed a lineup of discounted computer and gaming eyewear for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. A full listing of the deals may be viewed at

Black Friday Weekend Deal
Limited edition Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 3 gaming eyewear, available at Best Buy stores and in GUNNAR’s online store, discounted from $99 to $79.

Cyber Week Deals
Gaming Eyewear
• Paralex Onyx: $55.30 (MSRP $79.00)
• SteelSeries Scope: $69.30 (MSRP $99.00)
• MLG Legend Onyx: $69.30 (MSRP $99.00)

Computer Eyewear
• Anime Graphite: $69.30 (MSRP $99.00)
• Emissary Onyx: $55.30 (MSRP $79.00)
• Groove Onyx: $69.30 (MSRP $99.00)
• Phenom Graphite: $69.30 (MSRP $99.00)
• Rocket Onyx: $55.30 (MSRP $79.00)
• Sheadog Mercury: $55.30 (MSRP $79.00)

Outdoor Eyewear
• Cortez Snow-Mercury: $104.30 (MSRP $149.00)
• Titan Chrome Gold: $69.30 (MSRP $99.00)
• Titan Onyx Grey: $69.30 (MSRP $99.00)



To learn more about computer vision syndrome and the benefits of GUNNAR Optiks computer and gaming eyewear, please visit the official website:

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