@7PM from Looq Turns Your Android or iOS Device into a Universal Remote Control

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One thing that bugs me about mobile accessories is that you usually have to buy more than one if you own different devices. For example if you have iOS and Android, most of the time you have to buy two of the same thing, one for each device and I find it rather annoying. Some companies that have gotten smart, at least I think they have, and they’re making their devices cross compatible, one device works on both operating systems. Looq has just announced the @7PM which is a universal remote control dongle gadget that plugs into the headphones jack of your phone or tablet and the best part I think is that it works with either iOS or Android, no need to buy separate products, just move from one to the other seamlessly basically. The Looq @7PM is priced art $34.99 and it’s out now…


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The @7PM creates a universal remote out of any iOS/Android smartphone, making users king of the couch. It works with an unlimited number of iOS/Android devices – no product key validation is necessary for set-up. No more fussing with multiple controls or switching between wands to control various media; @7pm is compatible with more than 9,000 different entertainment system models. The 2-inch @7pm device plugs directly into the smartphone. The colorful, “big button” display can be used to change channels and volume, create a favorites list, and switch between devices like a DVD, set top box, stereo, or almost anything else that uses an IR remote.  Looq also added a fun factor – Shake mode (optional) adds ease and entertainment as viewers simply shake the phone to adjust volume and/or channel settings. The corresponding iOS/Android app is free and ready for download in the iTunes/Android stores.


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  1. January 15, 2014 at 3:49 am

    I used to turn my obsolete Nokia devices with infrared into a remote control with an app back then. However, as time passes by, infrared is no longer used with the latest handsets. Good thing, it has made a comeback with @7pm remote.

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