Cell Phone Call Recording Goes Digital: Call Mynah Cell Phone Recorder

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This is an interesting take on cell phone recorders. It looks like a phone and connects via Bluetooth, you actually talk though the Mynah and record instead of your own phone.

The only professional digital phone recorder designed to work with any Bluetooth enabled cell phone. Record calls from the iPhone and Blackberry with no restrictions. The Call Mynah is revolutionary yet simple to use. Unlike software or Cloud based recording platforms, the Call Mynah cell phone recorder puts the end user in complete control over when, where, and how calls are recorded. Recording telephone conversations has never been easier or more efficient.


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Named after the Mynah, a bird known for it’s uncanny ability to duplicate the human voice, this digital voice recorder comes packed with every feature imaginable and then some. The user simply wirelessly tethers their existing cell phone via Bluetooth and the Call Mynah handset is used in place of the cell phone.

With 150 hours of standby time and 8 hours of talk time the Call Mynah handset can be used within 30 feet of the user’s cell phone while recording every detail from both sides of the conversation to the Caller ID information along with time, date, and call duration up to 340 hours.

Included PC based call archiving and retrieval software enables the end user to easily download calls via USB for classifying, storing, and reviewing. The Call Mynah cell phone recorder also helps users make legal telephone recordings by including the ability to either give a pre-recorded message stating the call is being recorded or a beep tone every 15 seconds.

Typical cell phone recording used to require a multitude of wires, connectors, and a recorder. Users have even resorted to taping a microphone to the speaker of a cell phone. The end result was a recorded phone conversation that was low quality at best. With the Call Mynah everything is seamless and clean.

Many industries now require phone calls to be recorded when conducting business. The Mynah now ensures that a mobile workforce can still be productive while away from a traditional landline type phone. Traders, real estate professionals, doctors, lawyers, or anyone who relies on information given over the phone can benefit from this cell phone recording device.

Undercover law enforcement officers will certainly be able to benefit from the call information logging capabilities of this cell phone recorder when conducting drug buys via cell phone. The ability to provide a hard copy of the exact time, date, duration and caller ID of phone calls will most certainly help with prosecution.

For more information on the Call Mynah Cell Phone Recorder visit SpyGadgets.com

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