CES2011: foneGEAR Announces New Brand and Products at CES 2011

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Ok, this is another combination posting for you, foneGear has become fuse and they’ve announced a few new products to go with that name change.

fuseaccessories announced today the launch of an amazing new phone accessory, the BumperSticker. BumperSticker is a decorated self-adhesive protective cover that fits on the back cover of the Apple® iPhone4. It features photo-realistic artwork in a variety of styles under a protective polyurethane cover. BumperStickers are removable and non-marking, and can be applied and removed over and over again.

phone3 phone4 phone5

The BumperSticker is the rare product that combines beauty with total functionality. The durable polyurethane outer finish protects the back of the iPhone and acts as a “dashboard sticky mat,” all while allowing the user to express an artistic preference. The surface is grippy without feeling ‘tacky,’ and the subtle depth of the sticker works to provide protection against drops and scrapes, making it far more durable than a basic wrap.

“BumperSticker is the best solution for protecting the back of an iPhone 4,” said Ken Eisenbraun, foneGEAR’s President, “It’s slim but absorbs impact, and it’s tough yet beautiful. It’s the total package.”

BumperSticker has been tested for durability, and will be available in a variety of styles during the first quarter of 2011. In addition to distinct designs created by fuse, a variety of licensed Harley-Davidson artwork will be available as well.



fuseaccessories announced today the launch of the flagship product in its brand-new accessory line – the revolutionary PowerSlice universal charging station, which allows up to four phones or electronic devices to be charged simultaneously from a single power source.

PowerSlice consists of a universal base station and up to three pie-shaped “slices,” each of which contains a charging tip capable of charging a unique device, such as a phone, digital camera or portable gaming system. Charging slices are available for most popular phones and electronics. An additional device may be charged via a USB 2.0 port on the base station.

“The great thing about PowerSlice is that it totally clears away the cable clutter from crowded counters and nightstands.” said Ken Eisenbraun, foneGEAR’s President, “One power cord, four devices. What could be simpler? It’s charging for the whole family with no mess, and you always know where your phone is.”

Charging slices are interchangeable, making adding and removing devices to the base unit a snap – literally. PowerSlice also costs less than comparable universal chargers, and is easier to use – no bulky adapters or special cases are required to use PowerSlice. In order to use PowerSlice, the owner simply snaps in the slice for their phone, plugs in the base, sets their phone on the slice, and turns on the power.



earphones make music sound the way it should

January 5, 2011 – Las Vegas, NV– fuseaccessories announced today the launch of a premier product in its brand-new accessory line – the unbelievable InTune stereo earphones, which are tuned to deliver music optimized for the listener’s favorite music genre. InTune earphones are available now for four different listening experiences – Pop/Easy Listening, Jazz/Classical, Rock/Blues/Country, and Rap/Hip-Hop.

All InTune earphones sound great with any music, but when paired with a listener’s favorite type of music, these earphones really shine. InTune uses a special driver (speaker) with a unique response curve for each style of music – deeper bass for Rap/Hip-Hop, higher vocals and midrange for Pop, great treble and clear bottom tones for Rock/Blues/Country, and a clear, full response curve for superb overall sound with Jazz and Classical music.

“InTune will change the way you think about music,” said Ken Eisenbraun, foneGEAR’s President, “If you love music, then you need to hear it the way it’s meant to be heard. Earphones that are designed to be all things to all people can’t do it. InTune sounds great with any music, but when you listen to your favorite music with the earphones designed to complement it, you won’t believe how immersive and connected the experience is.”

Because the process of selecting earphones without hearing them first is challenging, InTune further innovates in the form of retail packaging that helps the purchaser decide which earphone is right for their music preferences. Every InTune earphone package displays the products’ response curve in the form of an easy-to-read bar graph, as well as noting which genre of music the earphone was designed for. Because the full line of InTune earphones is designed to be displayed together, it is simple for consumers to compare models and decide which earphone fits their musical tastes.


The entire fuse line will be on display in fuse’s exhibit at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show, as well as on the brand new fuse web site, www.fuseplusyou.com. fuse products are also available at retailers nationwide.

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