MygoTV Launches RCA 3.5” and 7” Mobile DTV/ATSC Hybrid Pocket TV.

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TV on the go is something that you either need or you don’t. At this point in time you could use your phone to watch TV while you’re out, but you’ll use your data, and the way prices are today I’m sure not many people want to do that. The MygoTV comes in 3.5” and 7” sizes and provides free off-air channels. Plus, it adds more channels by providing Mobile DTV.

Mobile DTV is a standard for mobile digital TV that allows TV broadcasts to be received by mobile devices. Its a new digital way of broadcasting to reach more viewers that are/will be using their mobile DTV devices to enjoy DTV when and where they want. Viewers can see videos, movies, sporting events, entertainment programs, traffic info, local news, weather updates etc in the back of the car on the go. Finally, a true mobility will be offered to millions of consumers with the new era of Mobile DTV. Unlike any other services, Mobile DTV is free subscription.



Small and stylish design of RCA 3.5” Mobile DTV/ATSC Hybrid Pocket TV is also capable of receiving FM radio stations. It is operated 4 hrs battery rechargeable or AC. It provides signal strength of each channel. It features easy to use on-screen menu and supports Digital TV closed caption. It is perfect product for busy commuters.

RCA 7” Mobile DTV/ATSC Hybrid Handheld TV provides superior picture quality. It provides twice shaper and brighter images than other portable TV. See sharper details like never before. Viewers can recharge battery while viewing via car charger or AC. It provides a battery usage indicator. Plug into the A/V input to watch your favorite movies or play the latest video games outside of your home.

RCA Mobile DTV Car Tuner Receiver can receive free Mobile channels. Our monopole DTV antenna can receive high reception capability. It operates by remote controller. It can connect to the video and stereo jack (auxiliary input kit is included) and it is powered by car charger. It has the compatibility with most of portable DVD player in the market. Finally, passengers in the car can watch their favorite programs while on the go. RCA Mobile DTV and CAR Tuner will hit the major retail stores, home shopping network, and shopping websites by end of 2010.

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  1. Onemoresunnyday
    November 27, 2010 at 4:49 pm

    Who pays you to write this dribble? This is not a reliable test review. Did you even turn one on to see if it works? What about the problem with reception in most areas of the U.S.? Come on guys. Do a real review!

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