Fluid Computer Systems Creates First Windows 7-Based, Multi-Touch Screen Tablet PC

Ok, I’m tossed between wanting an Android tablet or a Windows 7 tablet. I love Android, but I like Windows too. Maybe I could get one of each? I never heard of Fluid Computer Systems, but their new tablet called the Fluid Stream is a 10.1” one that comes in two versions,one with 3G and one without. Price is $599 without and $699 with 3G, is $100 worth 3G Capabilities? Of course they’re claiming it to be an alternative to the iPad, and well yeah it is.

Exactly 1,000 of the slate-style multi-touch screen computers, which include a 10.1 inch display, Wi-Fi capability, and Flash-friendly browsing, are available to purchase for $599 at the company’s website, fluid


The company currently has two different tablets available, the Fluid Stream and the Fluid Motion, but only the Fluid Stream is available for Christmas delivery. The Fluid Motion, the company’s mid-range tablet, includes wireless 3G and will be available in February of next year for $699. Though both tablets have full multi-touch screen capability, and offer early customers an ongoing discount on orders from the Apps Center, the company also sells a stylus, portable keyboard and folding stand to enhance the user’s experience.


  1 comment for “Fluid Computer Systems Creates First Windows 7-Based, Multi-Touch Screen Tablet PC

  1. Ayitey3
    October 31, 2010 at 4:29 pm

    This is not the first 10 ” Tablet With Window 7 . They must stop that claim.

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