QuantZ brings the action puzzle game to a new level

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This looks like a rather cool little game…

Montreal video game development studio Gamerizon, today announced the release of QuantZ, a next-generation action puzzle game for PC and Mac.  Created by a team of industry veterans, QuantZ is an intuitive game designed for the whole family, but is still a challenge for avid gamers.  QuantZ merges different genres such as Marble Popper, Action Puzzle and Match 3 in a new creative way, making it a refreshing, captivating and innovative experience.

The game consists of moving around a cube in order to land coloured marbles in strategic places to create chain reactions.  QuantZ offers more than 50 hours of unique game play and three different game modes:




– The Strategy mode, which includes 12 levels to explore

– The Action mode, where reactions prevail over reflection

– The Puzzle mode, which offers more than a hundred riddles to solve

“With QuantZ, we wanted to create a totally immersive experience that was gamer friendly, but with a real depth of play.  We paid special attention to the game play, the physics, and the visual and audio effects to create a game that exceeded our expectations,” said the Lizée brothers and Dominique Bélanger, co-founders of Gamerizon studio. “We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the different game modes in order to offer a variety of game play and a game life unmatched for a casual game.   We are thrilled to finally make it available to fans and are convinced that the game will please a very broad and varied audience.”

QuantZ offers an organic gaming experience that is friendly and progressive.  Players will automatically feel they are on familiar ground as they explore the different modes and levels.  Because of its accessible and intuitive controls, combined with cutting edge physics, it is not necessary to play an excessive amount of time to enjoy QuantZ; each player can play it at his or her own speed, for 5 minutes or several hours. Immersive and captivating, QuantZ marks a new generation of action puzzle game, featuring:

-Tactile and instinctive controls: Moving the cube is easy.  Because it feels like you’re holding it in your hands, the possibilities are endless.

-Simple and progressive game play: While the game is simple, the rules create a rich gaming environment.

-Emotion-building audio: The 100% original musical compositions and its progressive audio environment perfectly merge with the visual environment, offering a degree of immersion never experienced before in an action-puzzle video game.

The PC and Mac versions are currently available for download from your favourite websites and on the official game website: www.quantzgame.com at a special release price of $12.99.

About Studio Gamerizon Inc.

Gamerizon is an independent studio specialized in casual game development.  Based in Montreal, the studio was founded by brothers Martin and Robert Lizée, well-known in the industry for their participation to several significant multiplatform titles and by Dominique Bélanger.  Gamerizon differentiates itself through its unique vision of casual game development and the way it integrates innovative game mechanics to quality games that appeal to all kind of gamers. Its goal: Defining the future of casual games. For more information on Gamerizon, please visit: www.gamerizon.com

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