World’s First Smart Projector Phone Samsung Galaxy Beam Makes Global Debut in Singapore with StarHub

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Ok, yeah I want one.. I want really want one.. A projector phone that runs Android, how cool is that…  It has a 3.7” super amoled screen, and the projector can project from 5 to 50 inches! It’s only available in Singapore right now, but I wonder what the chances are of getting one here?!

The built-in multimedia projector on the Samsung Galaxy Beam allows customers to share fun moments intuitively with family and friends, such as watching National Geographic Channel or Disney Channel, browsing photo albums, as well as streaming YouTube or MetaCafe videos together through MobiClip.

The Samsung Galaxy Beam’s highly responsive 3.7-inch WVGA Super AMOLED display will further enhance the mobile experience, delivering ultra-brilliant and clear images whilst offering a viewing experience second to none. With the Android powered Galaxy Beam, consumers will receive an integrated and heightened multimedia experience on Singapore’s smartest mobile broadband network with StarHub.??

World’s first smartphone with built-in projector and brilliant Super AMOLED screen

The Samsung Galaxy Beam, first unveiled at the Mobile World Congress 2010 in February this year, is designed to provide users with a rich mobile web experience and best-of-class multimedia features. Packed with a built-in Texas Instruments Pico projector, 8-megapixel camera and multi video codec support, the Galaxy Beam offers consumers the capability to switch between entertainment and professional mode easily. With a projection screen size of 5 to 50-inches, the Galaxy Beam toggles between a personal home theater system to a portable business projector to suit every need.









From July 10, 2010, customers can visit selected StarHub Shops to check out the phone. Those interested to place an advanced order now can go to

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