Pyroblazer Preview, Screenshots and Performance

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Candella was kind enough to send me over their new game that they’re working on in cooperation with Eipix, it’s called Pyroblazer, it’s a futuristic, sci-fi racing game that is fast and furious. It’s going to be available this month, in fact I just got the Press Release today that it has gone gold. So to tide you over till the release I’ve got a whole bunch of screenshots, a few videos and a basic performance analysis to see how a high end card can handle it.

Pyroblazer is a wild game, if you like sci-fi and racing you’ll love this game! When I first played playing, it reminded me a bit of Speed Racer The Videogame, with the wild look to it and fast paced racing, but it’s something that totally different, and something that will push your videocard to the limits if you wish to play with all settings on high. I’m using a Diamond Radeon 4870 1gig card and I can’t run everything on high without taking a hit to the performance of gameplay.

Since this is a downloaded game there’s no box shots or anything like that, but I do have some information for you from the site, along with tons of screenshots and a few in-game movies as well.

Here’s a few shots of the options and a peek at the menus with the tracks, vehicles, weapons and pickups. Since this isn’t the whole game a few of the items are blacked out, and Single Race is only available, no Campaign mode.

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Release Date: November 2008
Platforms: PC, Wii and PSP

PyroBlazer is a futuristic combat racing game.

Set amidst the awe-inspiring locations of New Apeiron, players get the opportunity to race through a multitude of environments using a wide selection of anti-gravity craft known as Blazers. In their quest for glory, players can blast their way through the scorched valleys of Gnosis, the deserted cities of Haedra or the densely populated Underdome of Evelads.

As the players fight their way through the championship, improved Blazers with better speed, handling and superior firepower become available. Players also have the ability to pick up weapon and ammo upgrades during the race, further enhancing their ability to land the killer blow.

In addition to the single player modes such as Quick Race and Championship, Pyroblazer will also offer players the ability to compete against each other in 6-player local and internet-based combat racing. Powered by Eipix’s proprietary Ultra Engine and Ageia’s PhysX middleware, the game offers racing and sci-fi fans an experience unlike any other in the genre.

PyroBlazer takes place on the world of Apeiron, a cross breed of science fiction and fantasy setting reminiscent of ancient Egypt with motives of Cyber-Punk.

Apeiron, the fourth planet in the binary system of Xarthas survived a cataclysm and its once mighty civilizations crumbled into three fractions.

The championship of PyroBlazer will take place in all three: The land of Gnosis, War station of Haedra and the Underdome of Evelads.

Blazers are the ships you’ll fly during the game.

Blazers are unique antigravity ships designed to race and combat in the PyroBlazer championship. Quicker than mind of a racer can control, stronger than weapons could break, the Bazers are known much further than the planet of Apeiron itself. From gracious and elegant, to heavy and indestructible, all Blazers have their own abilities and attributes that make them unique in fight for eternal glory. Each Blazer is equipped with one of ten primary weapons and ten different mine types (secondary weapons), during the race additional temporary upgrades are available.

The graphics are really good in Pyroblazer, too bad that everything just flies by so fast that you can’t enjoy them, you’ll have to slow down a bit to take in the scenery. That’s really where the motion blur options comes in, you can really see it at work while playing. Pyroblazer also incorporates PhysX physics interactions in the gameplay with the objects you’ll find floating around and those that you can crash into to add anotehr level of realism to the game.

Gameplay is like wow, and that’s the only word to describe it, you’re traveling through the levels so fast everything is a blur really. From planet based races to space based, it’s just really cool, this is the kind of game I can get into. One of the space levels reminds me of Stargate and traveling through the gate and on through the worm hole, it’s wild and lots of fun to play.

The background music is great, it’s a combination of techno and metal that really adds to the overall experience of the game, I don’t think any other type of music would have worked with Pyroblazer.

There are weapons in Pyroblazer to be used against your opponents, adn there’s power ups as well that you can pick up alogn the way like Invinvibility or Invisibility. There’s also a Turbo to really make things go fast.

Pyroblazer will tax your videocard though if you want all of the eye candy on, you’ll need a newer card for sure to really enjoy all of the effects and graphics. I’m using a Diamond 4870 with 1gig of ram and on max settings the game slowed to below the 30FPS sweet spot at times, it was very noticeable, especially on levels where there’s lots of debris floating around and lots of stuff going on. mind you this is just the single layer version and more ships or opponents aren’t even added into the equation yet, so once they get added into the game your videocard will be taxed even more.

I ran through all of the available levels, running three laps each while I had FRAPS running to record my framerates. With the 4870 I found I could max everything but to be truly playable I had to turn AntiAliasing and Anisotropic down to 2X, at 8X it slowed down to a point where the game wasn’t playable at all at points. Everything else though could be turned on and set to max.

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Here’s a quick chart of the framrates I got running at 1280×1024 Resolution:


You can see I got an average of 59FPS, but for a truly playable and smooth game you need to keep all of the framerates over 30FPS. All settings high with AA on 2X netted the best performance and appearance overall. The Radeon 4870 with 1gig of ram is a fairly powerful card and that’s the results I got so you can imagine using something lower than the 4870 what results you would get, you’ll need to turn down and adjust the settings for your card of course to maximize playability.
Ok, here’s three movies for you to check out, be sure to check out the scenery as it is very nicely done.
The first movie is with all of the setting maxed out, you’ll see how the game slows down quite a bit at points.

here’s the space based level, the one that reminds me a bit of Stargate:

and here’s the third planet based level:

Screenshot Gallery:
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Preliminary Conclusion:
Well I can’t really make a full call on this game as of yet, but from what’s I’ve seen and played I like it a lot. From the great graphics to the rocking soundtrack, Pyroblazer has got something for everyone, it’s fast and fun and looks great.

Pyroblazer  will be hard on the videocard. the results I got were just basic, single player gameplay without the added other ships  or opponents, once they get added in I can see this game requiring a very high end card, Crossfire or SLI to play with all of the settings on high.

Great soundtrack 
Fast and fun 
Great graphics

Will be hard on videocard 

Preliminary Grades: 

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