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On deck for today’s review we will be looking at another iPod Touch case from our friends at Speck. The GeoMetric Case for iPod Touch is based on the popular Geometric Speck style used in several other Apple mobile device cases. It is designed for the fourth generation iPod Touches and comes in five color options.

Built for both function and style, it is an excellent choice for a low profile iPod Touch case.

The GeoMetric Case for iPod Touch comes packaged in the familiar orange and white Speck cardboard packaging. The case is seen through a clear plastic window.

GeoMetric Case01 GeoMetric Case02

Available color options for the GeoMetric Case for iPod Touch include Purple, Black, Mango, Blueberry and Cyan Blue. For today’s review we will check out the Blueberry version.

The case is composed of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) which is a rubbery plastic material. It is a flexible unibody case that has a distinct asymmetrical pattern on the back. This pattern’s texture is functional as well as it improves the grip of the case.

GeoMetric Case03 GeoMetric Case04

Of course Speck created openings for the dock connector/speaker area and camera. The power and volume buttons are covered by elevated sections of TPU on the case.

GeoMetric Case05 GeoMetric Case06 GeoMetric Case07

On the back is the unique geometric pattern that gives the case its name. This pattern is composed of triangular sections with recessed and elevated areas. The side opposite the volume controls has an embossed Speck logo and name.

GeoMetric Case08

Inside the GeoMetric Casewe see another Speck logo and name along with the “designed in California, made in China” imprint.

GeoMetric Case09


GeoMetric Case for iPod Touch (4th gen) – Blueberry

Quick Overview

em>Our slim, sculpted and awesomely angular GeoMetric is a flexible case that outfits your 4th generation iPod touch with healthy doses of protection, texture, and style. One of the most unique iPhone TPU cases around, it’s got an awesome, asymmetrical look, with contrasting-textured facets and a contoured fit that makes it fun to stare at, and easy to grip.
-Flexible, slim triangular iPod touch case with contrasting-textured facets
-Unique, faceted texture for better grip
-Perfectly contoured fit and feel

Installation involves sliding the iPod Touch into the GeoMetric Case then pulling the edges over the sides of the iPod Touch’s screen. These edges act as a bezel to keep the iPod Touch screen from harm when directly place face down onto a surface.

GeoMetric Case10 GeoMetric Case11

Speck created the GeoMetric Case with a low profile to prevent adding bulk to the iPod Touch. The case conforms to the iPod Touch and remains snuggly in place.

GeoMetric Case12

The rubbery grips on the side of the GeoMetric Case for iPod Touch case help keep it secure in the user’s hands. All of the controls on the Apple device were easily accessible with the GeoMetric Case on.

Appearance wise the GeoMetric Case for iPod Touch is unique allowing it to stand out from the crowd. My daughter thought highly enough of the case that she currently uses it for her iPod Touch.

In terms of protection the GeoMetric Case seems like it will provide mild to moderate protection from bumps and trauma. Obviously the screen of the iPod Touch remains exposed but that is the nature of the Apple capacitive touch screen devices; most cases will leave the screen exposed to the outside world.

GeoMetric Case01 GeoMetric Case03 GeoMetric Case11 GeoMetric Case12


If you are looking for a well made case that stands out from the pack then the GeoMetric Case for iPod Touch is a good choice. It’s rubbery composition and textured surface make it a very grippable case. It offers moderate protection for one’s precious iPod Touch. If you require a fashionable, durable, well made iPod Touch case, then the GeoMetric Case is a great option.

10 recommended5

+Unique and stylish appearance
+Full access to all controls
+Low profile case



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