Review of i-Mego Throne Gold Over Ear Headphones

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Music is a huge part of our lives, I know I don’t leave home without my MP3 player and if I do happen to forget it I have music on my phone. The problem with these mp3 players and phones is that the headphones that comes with them usually aren’t best especially if you like good sounding music. Today for review I have the i-Mego Throne headphones, these are over the ear style and in my time with them I found them to be excellent overall in sound and build quality. The sound from the Throne headphones is crisp and full and clear, but they might be a little bit heavy on the bass and slightly light on the treble. It just all depends on the type of music you prefer to listen to. The Throne headphones might be considered expensive by some, coming in at about $130, but for good sound you have to pay a little more and these are definitely worth the price. So read on to learn more about the i-Mego Throne headphones…


i-Mego Throne Gold Over Ear Headphones Review


As you might expect with a product of this quality, the packaging is nice and just looks great. The front opens to let you see the Throne headphones.

throne1 throne2

On the back is a lot of information about the headphones.


The Throne headphones are packaged very well in a plastic protective casing inside of the box.


When you get everything unpacked you’ll find the user manual, cloth carrying bag, stereo adapter and adapter for Nokia, Samsung and Sony phones.


Here’s the two adapters so you can get a better look:


The carrying bag is just a drawstring style cloth bag, nothing really special or protective about it.


Here’s the headphones themselves. The i-Mego Throne headphones come in several colors, but the ones I got are gold. The headphones have leather earpads and headband.


In-line of the cord you’ll find the microphone and button so you can use these for phone calls if you need to.


The earpieces are very soft, they’re made of leather on the outside and have memory foam inside.


If you’ll notice the earpieces aren’t round like many other, they’re elongated or an oval shape which more matches the natural shape of your ears.


The Throne Gold gets its name from the color of the outside of the earpieces which isn’t really gold, more of a copper I think. The pieces are adjustable up and down to fit your head size and they’re also on swivels in the centers.


 throne12 throne13

Here’s a better look at the top section that adjust up and down. There’s a large range of adjustment so you can use them no matter how big your head is, or if you’re wearing a hat they’ll fit just fine.


The top of the headband of the Throne has the i-Mego logo stitched into the leather. It looks nice and it’s not flashy, it sort of blends in.

throne15 throne16

The inside of the headband isn’t leather, instead it’s a soft cloth material for comfort and of course it’s nicely padded as well.