Review of i-Mego Walker Junior Noise Cancelling Headphones

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I’ve got a nice assortment of headphones and earbuds that I’ve collected over the years of reviewing products but it occurs to me I’ve never owned or reviewed a set of headphones that feature active noise cancelling. I don’t know why I don’t have any, it’s just worked out that, but I finally do and I think I know understand better why people like them so much. Today for review I have the i-Mego Walker Junior Noise Cancelling Headphones that feature, as you might have guessed, active noise cancelling. The Walker Junior headphones actually need a battery to power the noise cancelling feature, something you might not expect a pair of headphones to need surely. The headphones are made for the traveler so they can fold up to a small size making them easily transportable. These aren’t just for travelers of course, anyone who likes good sound and the ability to keep outside noise out will appreciate the Walker Junior headphones. So read on to learn more about the Walker Junior headphones…


i-Mego Walker Junior Noise Cancelling Headphones Review

The i-Mego Walker Junior headphones come in an attractive looking box with specs and features listed on the back for you to learn more about the product inside.

walker1 walker2

The blue outside is actually more of a slipcover and when you remove that you’ll find a black box with the i-Mego logo on it.


When you open the box you’ll find the Walker Junior nestled into a plastic tray for protection while in transport. The accessories are in plastic bags in a center section of the tray.


When you unpack the box you’ll find two accessory bags, the user manual and the headphones themselves.


Inside of one of the plastic bags you’ll find four things, an AAA battery, airplane adapter, 1/4” stereo adapter and a 4ft cord.


walker7 walker8

The Walker Junior headphones don’t have the audio cord attached, it’s on the side.


Inside of the other plastic bag you’ll find the carrying bag rolled up. When you unroll the bag you’ll see it mesh and cloth with a drawstring on it.


So here are the headphones and yes they are black in color which is the only color available for these. The earpieces have an X design that looks stitched but it isn’t it, it just looks that way. The Walker Junior feels solidly made, they are plastic, but they feel durable and able to withstand regular usage.


The earpads are oval in shape, which is more natural and the shape of your ears so they fit better than the common round style I think.


The earpads  have a leather covering over memory foam padding making them very comfortable.



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