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Several weeks ago technogog looked at the iChair iPad case and came away impressed with that product’s build quality and functionality. Today we will look at the the “mini-me” version of that case designed for the iPhone 4.

The iChair iPhone 4 Case is a shell style case with a flip out stand for displaying the iPhone 4 in both portrait and landscape modes. This is perfect for watching videos, using FaceTime or surfing the web. It has a dual layer of protection to help keep your Apple phone out of harms way.

The iChair iPhone 4 Case comes packaged in a white cardboard box with the case visualized within. A list of features and images of the various case orientations is found on the back of the packaging.

iChair01 iChair02

iChair ships its iPhone 4 case with phone shields for the front and back of the iPhone 4, a cleansing cloth, squeegee board and an additional blue colored top slider. There are two spare slider color options – blue or white. For today’s review we will look at the blue version.


Same as the iChair iPad Case, the iPhone 4 version is a two section hard shell case composed of a polycarbonate exterior covered by a rubber coating designed to improve the grip of the case. These two halves slide onto the iPhone 4 and then lock onto one other to form the case.

iChair04 iChair05

The interior of the case is composed of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) which is a rubber like material designed to protect the iPhone 4 from impact. iChair provides openings for the headphone jack, power button, volume controls, speakers, camera and dock connector.

iChair06 iChair07 iChair08 iChair09

On the back of the lower half of the case is the flip out stand with the iChair logo. Unlike the iPad version this stand does not rotate or extend out.

iChair10 iChair11

iChair kindly includes a clear static cling front and back shield which is more than most other iPhone 4 case manufacturers.


iChair iPhone 4 Case

Compatible with Verizon iPhone 4!
Protect your mobile investment without sacrificing convenience or style! This slim, stylish case doubles as a fully functional stand that effortlessly accommodates your iPhone display in both portrait and landscape modes.  So, whether you’re searching for a restaurant, checking a map, or dialing hands-free using FaceTime, you’ll find this all-purpose iPhone stand to be an indispensable asset!

-Dual layer protection
-Integrated stand in both landscape and portrait mode
-Ultra-slim case allows for sleek portability, easily sliding in and out of pockets
-Easy access to screen and all ports -Includes an extra slider, front and back screen protector, dust cloth, and squeegee board

Slip One On
Designed for ultimate sleekness, the iChair achieves what other cases cannot: dual-layer protection along with an ultra-slim design, allowing for convenient portability, easily sliding in and out of pockets.

Protect Your Investment
The TPU interior absorbs each impact creating a padded surface for ultimate protection. The polycarbonate exterior shields the iPhone 4 from bumps, drops, and scratches while the rubber coating provides an easy grip and velvety feel.

“Look Ma, No Hands!”
The integrated stand creates multi-view capabilities, allowing unrestrained usage of the iPhone 4 in both landscape and portrait modes.

The Ultimate Multi-Tasker
2-piece case effortlessly glides on and locks securely in place, while preserving easy docking capabilities and unhindered access for third party accessories

Installation of the iChair iPhone 4 Case involves sliding the phone into the bottom half of the case and then placing the case top onto the lower half. To remove the case, simply reverse this process.

iChair12 iChair13

The rubber exterior surface makes the case feel secure in the user’s hands. One drawback to this material is it attracts finger print smidges.

In terms of size the iChair iPhone 4 Case is similar to other shell style cases. Although is does increase the profile of the iPhone 4 it still keeps the Apple phone’s aesthetic. There is also a slight increase in weight but overall the iChair iPhone 4 Case does not weigh down the phone.

The stand is what differentiates the iChair iPhone 4 Case from other cases. This tilt-ability provides both angled landscape and portrait views for watching videos, surfing the web or playing games. The stand flips out to only one position, so there is no variability in the viewing angle for the iPhone when resting within the iChair iPhone 4 Case.

iChair14 iChair15 iChair16

In terms of protection, the case is solidly built and thick enough to withstand most bumps and traumas. The front of the case wraps around the iPhone’s display to create a protective bezel when laying the iPhone 4 face down. The openings for the buttons and inputs are recessed keeping those areas of the phone safe. The one area where the user may encounter a problem is with the headphone jack connector. This opening may impede some headphone tip styles.

iChair17 iChair18 iChair19

The included iPhone 4 film protectors are a nice bonus. I did not install them as I already have an Invisible Shield protecting my iPhone 4.

If you are someone who get bored of the same style of case like my wife, the additional colored top slider section is another nice feature.

For those folks using the Verizon iPhone 4, the iChair iPhone 4 Case is compatible with that phone as well.

iChair01 iChair03 iChair12 iChair15


After reviewing iChair’s first couple of forays into the Apple mobile peripheral market I have definitely come away impressed by the quality of their products. With the company’s name being iChair, I would assume most of their products will feature some sort of stand for the foreseeable future.

The iChair iPhone 4 Case is a functional shell style case which doubles as a stand. It is well constructed using solid materials that should hold up to everyday use. iChair includes some nice bonus features not found with other cases such as screen and back film protectors for the iPhone 4 and a spare colored top slider.

If you like watching videos on your iPhone 4 then this is definitely a must own case. Even without the built in stand, the iChair iPhone 4 case is a good case to protect one’s cherished iPhone 4


+Well constructed
+Plenty of padding
+Works as a stand in portrait and landscape views
+Include screen and back film protectors
+Interchangeable top slider
+Verizon and AT&T compatible

-Attracts finger prints
-Only one angle for the stand


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