Review of iChair iPad Case

As a reviewer I wonder which is harder – to make a good iPad case or finding a unique name for your company and/or product. New to the iBranding world is a company called iChair. One would assume they make Apple targeted seating, but in reality they create cases for iDevices. Thankfully, they were kind enough to send us a couple of their cases and today we will look at the iChair iPad Case.

This is a hard shell case composed of a polycarbonate exterior and padded interior micro-fleece. To protect all surfaces of one’s precious iPad, iChair includes a screen shield as well. What differentiates the iChair iPad Case from its competitors is the addition of a built in stand and keyboard tab found on the back of the case.

The iChair iPad Case arrives in a white cardboard box with a clear window through which the case is visualized. On the back iChair lists the features of the case and the various orientations for the stand/case.

iChair01 iChair02 iChair03

Opening the package reveals the iChair iPad Case, a screen protector, a cleansing cloth, screen shield applicator and an additional blue colored top slider.

iChair04 iChair05

The case is a slider variety that comes in two halves. The bottom half is black while the top half comes in black and either white or blue depending on the model. For this review we received the blue version.

iChair06 iChair07

The iChair iPad Case is composed of a polycarbonate exterior that is covered by a rubber coating to improve the grip of the case. Each of these halves slide onto the iPad and then locks onto one other to form the case.


On the interior of the case is a padded microfiber material to keep the iPad safe from harm and scratches. All the requisite openings for the iPad are found on the case including ones for the headphone jack, power button, volume controls, speakers and dock connector.

iChair09 iChair10 iChair11

The back of the iChair iPad Case is what differentiates it from other cases. Here we see a rotating stand for placing the iPad in either landscape or portrait modes. There is an embossed iChair logo at the bottom of this stand otherwise there is no other branding on the case. This stand comes with a built in extension for adjusting the viewing angle of the iPad.

iChair12 iChair13 iChair14 iChair15

Adjacent to the stand is a tab that elevates the iPad at a slight angle to make a comfortable typing angle while using the virtual keyboard.

iChair16 iChair17

iChair includes a screen protector that is applied via static cling; most cases don’t come with a screen protector so this is a nice added bonus.



iChair iPad Case

Type, rotate, adjust, view – the options are endless with iChair’s sleek, new, stylish case – it doubles as a lightweight, practical, and durable stand that seamlessly accommodates you while you’re on the go.  Whether you’re checking your email, updating your Facebook status, or just making a note on your to-do list, you’ll find this all-purpose iPad stand to be a case you can’t live without!

-Dual layer of protection
-Integrated stand rotates and adjusts, maximizing your viewing convenience in both landscape and portrait modes
-Ultra slim case allows for sleek portability
-Easy access to screen and ports
-Pull-out tab for convenient typing
-Includes an extra slider, screen protector, dust cloth, and squeegee board

Slip One On
Designed for ultimate sleekness, the iChair achieves what other cases cannot: dual-layer protection along with an ultra-slim design, allowing for sleek portability.

Protect Your Investment
The micro-fiber interior absorbs each impact creating a padded surface for ultimate protection. The polycarbonate exterior shields the iPad from bumps, drops, and scratches while the rubber coating provides an easy grip and velvety feel.

Best Seat in the House
The integrated rotating stand creates multi-view capabilities in both landscape and portrait mode. The adjustable stand also pulls out allowing you to find the perfect angle and position for unrestrained usage.

The Ultimate Multi-Tasker
2-piece case effortlessly glides on and locks securely in place, while preserving easy docking capabilities and unhindered access for third party accessories.

Touch and Go
Integrated pull out tab for easy typing at a perfect angle

Since I already had an Invisible Shield protecting my iPad, I did not apply the screen shield but from past experience it is definitely a worthwhile investment to have one of these protecting the face on one’s iPad.

Installing the iChair iPad Case onto the iPad is a simple procedure. Simply slide on the bottom segment onto your iPad and then choose the color you want for the top portion and lock it onto the bottom of the iChair iPad Case. Taking apart these segments is a little tougher as you need to pry the tight seal apart to get them separated.

iChair19 iChair20

The rubbery exterior is designed to improve the grip of the case making it feel very secure in the user’s hands. While it is a rubber material, it actually feels velvety in the user’s hands.

The back of the iChair iPad Case is thicker than comparable style cases but this is due to the additional padding and the rear stand. The iChair iPad Case does add some weight to the iPad; which is the trade off for protection. The front of the case wraps around the front edge of the iPad to provide a protective front bezel for the touch screen.

iChair21 iChair22

The main selling point of the iChair iPad Case is the stand capability and this is where the iChair shines. In either orientation it works well; for watching movies and videos the landscape view is ideal while for reading books or articles the portrait view is appropriate.

iChair23 iChair24 iChair25 iChair26

The adjustable stand segment lets the user alter the angle of the iPad for ideal viewing. With the iChair iPad Case in place you can even use the iPad as a digital photo frame.


If you need to get some work done, then placing the iChair iPad Case tilted at an angle provides a comfortable position for the virtual keyboard.

iChair28 iChair29

The case does not impede access to any of the iPad inputs including the dock connector; although docking the iPad with may not happen with the iChair iPad Case in place.

Some iPad cases prevent certain types of headphones from inserting into the Apple device due to the shape of their jack; iChair addresses this problem by having a flush back segment by the iPad’s headphone jack input.


The addition of the alternate color top slider section is another nice feature to make your iPad case stand out from the crowd; it’s like getting two cases for the price of one.

iChair01 iChair04 iChair06 iChair25


Overall I came away impressed with iChair’s first entry in the iPad case market. The iChair iPad Case is a well though out design that is well constructed. A case’s primary function is to protect its contents and the iChair iPad Case seems like it would do a good job of this. The additional features such as the stand, keyboard tab and screen shields are nice touches that many other iPad cases lack.

Although I prefer my iPad cases as portfolio styles such as the Dodocase, the iChair iPad Case has become my favorite slide on iPad case and will definitely be used in my iPad’s case rotation.


+Well constructed
+Plenty of padding+Works as a stand in portrait and landscape views
+Keyboard tile tab +Include screen protector+Stylish appearance

-Slightly thicker than other iPad cases

Overall score-9-10
Design score-9-10
Performance score-9-10

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