Review of Tego Audio Cera Bluetooth Speaker

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Up for review today I have the Cera wireless Bluetooth speaker from Tego Audio. This little speaker is orb shaped and it has what Tego calls an expanding sound chamber that provides omnidirectional sound so it doesn’t matter where you put it the sound is the same. The Cera features multimedia touch controls right on the top which light up blue when powered on. The Cera surprised me by just how good it sounded, especially since it only has one speaker inside of it, the sound is clear and loud. Read on to learn more…





Let’s start off with a video unboxing




The box for the Cera looks very nice with a nice picture on the front and some information on the back for you to read.


cera2 cera3


Once you get everything unpacked you’ll find the Cera, cloth carrying bag, three cables and a quick start sheet and a user guide.



Tego Audio included three cables with the Cera. The first is a miniUSB to regular USB for charging, the second is a miniUSB to 3.5mm for chaining more than one Cera together and then third cable is just a double ended 3.5mm audio cable so you can use the Cera with devices that aren’t equipped with Bluetooth.


Tego Audio did include a carrying bag, it’s just a cloth drawstring style and it’s white sadly. I don’t care for white as it will get dirty quickly, but it should keep the Cera safe from damage while in your pocket or bag.



The Cera speaker is a mostly round orb shape and the first thing I thought of was a baseball, it’s similar in size at about 90 x 62mm or 3.5 x 2.4in diameter. It’s not what I would call heavy weighing in at about 165g or a little less than six ounces. The Cera I received for review is white in color obviously but you can get it in red or black colors. Yes it’s plastic, but most things are these days, and it does feel well made overall, nice and solid.



Here’s a closer look at the top, it’s a touch panel that will light up blue when powered on and the top is actually the power button. One thing to note is that there is no play/pause button but you can control skipping tracks forward and back and the volume levels.



You push down on the top and it pops up to reveal the speaker and there are LEDs inside as well that give it an interesting effect, the lighting is from the controls that shine down inside. To turn off the Cera you just push down on the top.



On the bottom of the Cera you’ll find the ID label and around that is a rubber non-clip pad to make sure the Cera stays in place and doesn’t move around.



On the sides of the bottom you’ll find a mini-USB port for charging and the 3.5mm audio jack for line in to use with devices that aren’t Bluetooth equipped. The mini-USB port is also used to daisy chain multiple Cera speakers together over Bluetooth or audio line in.

cera9 cera10



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