Review of Seidio Ledger Case for Samsung Galaxy S5

Hello and welcome, today I am reviewing a case for the beautiful Samsung Galaxy S5. In this fast paced world we live in, a case is a necessary investment when you buy a phone. It’s an important item I feel we all need. Cases these days have become multipurpose and this case I will be reviewing has several uses. As we all know, cases also add a level of protection and style that is necessary these days, this where this particular case comes in. This case comes from the company Seidio, “a company by professionals for professionals.” This is the Seidio Ledger Flip case with Kickstand. It is I think, sleek and stylish. Take a look and see.


Specifications and Features

Ledger with Metal Kickstand

This product does not interfere with NFC.

The LEDGER is a flip case designed for those that desire protection and functionality. The uniquely designed LEDGER protects your Samsung Galaxy S5 from scratches, abrasions, and impacts from various angles. The Italian Polyurethane flip cover offers a cloth-like texture and a soft microfiber interior that guards your privacy while remaining stylish. The interior card slot can comfortably hold an ID or credit card. Get more from your flip case with LEDGER!

The built-in metal kickstand can be used in landscape orientation for a hands-free experience when viewing multimedia, managing photo slideshows, and displaying clocks and calendars. The LEDGER with Metal Kickstand does not support the device in portrait orientation.

– Slim flip cover that easily slips into your pocket while protecting the front, back, and perimeter of your Samsung Galaxy S5
– Magnetic kickstand provides convenience by easily snapping back in when not in use
– Integrated magnet keeps cover closed
– Conveniently carry an ID or credit card in the inside slot
– Screen cover guards your privacy while cutouts do not interfere with your speaker, camera, or controls
– Case raises the camera away from a flat surface in order to protect your lens

MSRP: US$39.95

Price: $39.00  (from Amazon at time of review)



The Review


The Seidio Ledger comes in a simple easy to open plastic and red paper box, with a clear plastic front and information about the Ledger case on the back.

1 1a


There are no instructions in the box, as they would mostly likely say snap phone in case and go on your merry way…

This case offers lightweight protection with a flip cover and an integrated metal kickstand. This case comes in two colors. The one pictured, with gray exterior and red interiors and another with red exterior and a gray interior.

Out of the box, it looks like a simple flip cover case. But after testing it for a few days, I found out that it is a little more than that. The outside shell of the case, where the phone snaps into is made of a Polyurethane material that is hard and offers good protection if dropped.

2 3


Inside the case is a red soft microfiber material that so far has been easy on the screen. This particular case has another great feature on the inside of the screen cover. It has a slot for a credit card. Which I think is a great idea given that these days people want to carry less and less with them throughout the day or when going out. This little pocket only offers up one card, I did not try to put more than one in there, but the one card I did put it, fit pretty snug.

4 5

The back of the phone case has a large cutout for the camera and the heart rate sensor and another cut out at the bottom of the case for the speaker.

One worry that I have when the phone is outside a case is that the camera on the back of the phone sticks out and seem to scratch if you put it down. With this case, the thickness of the polyurethane material protects that camera lens and raises it off of any surface you would put it down on.

6 7


This case also offers up a spring loaded magnetic kickstand that holds the phone up very well. The kickstand as attached to the case raises the back of the phone slightly and has an opening where it is easy to flip open the kickstand. Also, if you get good enough at it, it has a small point at the end of the kickstand, near the speaker, where if you press on the end of it, it will spring the kickstand out. It is easy to operate and can pass the time if you are bored…


 8a 8b


The hard polyurethane shell offers protection on all corners of the phone and has opening so as to not interfere with the power button, charging the phone and using the volume buttons. The hard polyurethane shell does not interfere with the NFC function of the phone.

9 10


The phone snaps into the case and the case covers the edges of the phone very well on the right side and on the top and bottom of the left side of the phone.


The phone, closed inside the case shows a stylish front with a hard neoprene like material that offers more protection for the phone.



The case snaps closed on the phone with the help of a magnet that is attached to a lip on the phone. I have found this to be very helpful as with previous cases that have covers like this, the front cover usually flaps and moves around. With this magnetic feature it offers great stability and keeps the case secured to protect the screen and your contents inside.



Another great feature of this case that I have not seen on other cases is one particular cutout on the front top left. This offers a window to the screen that will show you if you have a message from the LED lights on the screen.

In this connected world we live in, we check our phones regularly to see if we have email or messages and with this small but helpful cutout it lets you see if you have a message without needing to open the phone. As with most cases you get that have covers, you are able to talk on the phone with the cover closed.

14 15




I have to start by saying that I have found little to nothing that I do not like in the design of Seidio Ledger. It is very well made, sturdy and protects the phone. It has several great features that I like especially the sturdy metal kickstand that magnetically holds it closed so it does not open on its own.

With the kickstand it is easy to watch videos on the 5.1 inch Full HD super AMOLED screen. The kickstand holds up very well and is strong and durable. The kickstand adds some thickness to the back of the case, but to have a useful sturdy kickstand has been worth it.

Another great feature that I really like is the magnet that holds the front flap closed over the phone. In the past with other cases, I have found that the flap opens on its own or after some time does not close completely over the phone. With the magnetic flap it eliminates that issue and the front flap stays closed over the phone. It is easy to open, with one finger operation.

The case itself has a low profile and while it does add a little thickness to the phone, after a few days it is not noticeable because of the other positive features it offers. The low profile of the polyurethane backing raises the lens off of a flat surface to help protect the lens from scratches.

Inside the case, the soft microfiber material protects against scratching the screen and the pocket on the front flap has many uses. With a card inside of there it does not affect the closing of the flap and does not add any extra height to the case. However, if you do add extra cards in there it will affect it and will make it difficult to close the flap overall.

The hard outer shell and the front cover both are well made and sturdy. They offer great protection for the phone if dropped. The material is stylish and strong and the shell does not interfere with the NFC function of the phone.

The only thing I can say that could possibly be an issue for some is the amount of space that is left unprotected at the top and bottom, but from a design standpoint it seems that they have done this to leave you the ability to use the infrared and the headphone jack on top and on the bottom the ability to possibly use a charging dock. However, this could be just a personal preference of mine to have more protection at the bottom and top, but then it would interfere with some of the phone features.

I have really enjoyed testing this case. I feel that it is a great case, very sturdy and stylish. I would recommend this case for anyone who is looking for protection without the bulk. I would also recommend this because of the functions is offers; the kickstand and the inside pocket for either credit card or business card.

It overall does not add a lot of thickness to the phone, but does offer a lot of protection. The use of magnets to hold the front flap to the back is a great idea because in previous experiences the front flap would become loose and not stick to the phone.

This is a great case for business or pleasure as it offers stylish design and sturdy construction.


score-9-10 Recommended


+ Flap closes magnetically
+ Metal kickstand that is sturdy
+ Credit card/business card holder.
+ Thin profile of entire case with phone inside
+ Sturdy Polyurethane construction offers lightweight protection against drops.

– Too much open space at the top and bottom

Grades: 9 out of 10
Overall score-9-10
Design / Aesthetic score-10-10
Value / Price score-9-10
Performance / Usage score-10-10

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