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A few weeks ago at Tetsfreaks we looked at the first iPhone 4 case composed of plants from Bioserie. Today we will check out an iPhone 4 case manufactured from recycled plastic bottles. TRTL BOT is a company with an Ecofriendly focus who are going “Green” while making products for Apple’s popular phone.

Although not as “green” as being composed from a plant, recycling and reusing plastic bottles is still a good way of helping the planet. The TRTL STAND 4 is a shell case for the iPhone 4 that can double as a strand for watching videos or as a tripod for taking pictures.

The TRTL STAND 4 for iPhone 4 comes packaged in a clear plastic clamshell with the case visualized through the front. A white cardboard wraps around the case. Both the plastic clamshell and cardboard insert are made from recycled materials as well as the case.


The case is composed of recycled plastic and is available in just black. It measures 4.53” x 2.43” x 0.51” and weighs 0.51 ounces. The front is comprised of a large open space in which the iPhone 4 snaps into position. There are large openings on the top and bottom for the iPhone 4 along with an opening on the left side for volume controls.


On the back is a cut out for the camera and flash. Towards the bottom of this back section is a panel the flips out from the middle which acts as the stand. On it is the TRL BOT name and towards the bottom left of the case is the TRL BOT logo.


Overall it is rather plain looking case made of sturdy feeling plastic. What sets it apart from other shell cases is the built in stand.


The TRTL STAND 4 for iPhone 4

• Props up your iPhone:
– Portrait (ideal for FaceTime)
– Landscape (ideal for watching videos)
– Tripod  (ideal for timed photos)
• Stand locks into case
• Contains plastic from recycled bottles
• Protects iPhone from damage
• Made in USA

• Free Domestic Shipping
• $8 International Shipping

• Compatibility: iPhone 4
• Length: 4.53 Inches
• Width: 2.43 Inches
• Thickness: 0.50 Inches
• Weight: 0.51 Ounces
• Color: Black

• Designed in Los Angeles, CA
• Materials from Mount Vernon, IN
• Manufactured in Santa Ana, CA

Price: $34.99

The iPhone 4 easily snaps into the TRTL STAND 4; however removing the iPhone 4 requires some slight prying which is never a good thing for the Apple phone.

The edges of the case meet the sides of the iPhone 4 screen providing no front screen protection when laying the iPhone 4 face down on a surface.


The sides and back of the iPhone 4 are protected by the TRTL STAND 4. The openings over the top and bottom provide access to the dock connector, headphone jack and power buttons but also leave those areas somewhat exposed.


Accessing the volume and mute switch was easy with the large opening on the left side of the case. The flip stand made the TRTL STAND 4 function as a stand in both vertical horizontal orientations.


As a stand the TRTL STAND 4 for iPhone 4 works nicely allowing the iPhone 4 to rest at a comfortable viewing angle for movies and to sit parallel on a surface to function as a tripod for picture taking.

Functioning as a case, the TRTL STAND 4 for iPhone 4 protects the sides and back of the iPhone 4 but does not offer any front screen protection. Also the kickstand did not seem to lock into its resting position when not in use leaving an elevated lip that was bothersome.




The TRTL STAND 4 for iPhone 4 is a functional shell case that maintains a fairly low profile despite the included kickstand. My main two issues with the case deal with its rather plain look and that the stand does not sit flush against the case when not in use.

Although TRTL BOT should be commended for its use of recycled plastic bottles for the case’s composition there should be some more thought into its appearance. With the case’s plain Jane appearance the price TRLT BOT is charging is hard to justify. If the TRTL STAND 4 for iPhone 4 were priced around $20 then it would be more appealing case especially for those who like to watch videos on their iPhone 4.


+Made from Recycled materials
+Can use as tripod
+Functions as Landscape and Portrait stand

-Stand did not sit flush against case with iPhone 4 in place
-Slightly difficult to remove iPhone 4 from case


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