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For today’s review we will be looking at the Zinken headphones from Urbanears. This Scandinavian based company is known for their colorful audio gear and the Zinken is no different with ten color choices. The Zinken model is a DJ style headphone named after a region in Urbanear’s native Sweden. These headphones are designed for comfort, sound quality and style.

What sets the Zinken apart from other headphones is the Zoundplug, which allows another person to plug in another set of headphones into one of the earcups and share the listening experience. Another unique feature is the TurnCable, which is a rugged dual ended cable partially composed of Kevlar with a 3.5mm and 6.3mm plug on each end. These plugs can insert into the corresponding earpiece on the Zinken allowing connection to an mp3 player such as an iPod, a turntable or a stereo.

The Urbanears Zinken comes packaged in a colorful cardboard box with the color matching the packaged headphone. On the front of the box we see the profile image of the headphones along with the Urbanears name, model name and coordinates of the products namesake. A description of the TurnCable feature along with some images of it can be found on one of the box’s sides.


 Zinken02 Zinken03 

Found on the bottom of the box is another profile image of the headphones along with a feature listing about the product.


Opening the box we find the headphones carefully positioned in the center between folded cardboard which protects the rest of the package’s contents. Urbanears took great care in designing the packaging to be environmentally friendly. Besides the headphones we find the TurnCable, a 3.5 mm headphone jack adapter, catalog, sticker, and warranty sheets.

Zinken05 Zinken06 


Color options for the Zinken include White, Cream, Indigo, Dark Grey, Tomato, Grey, Black, Rust, Forest and Pumpkin. For today’s review we will be looking at the Forest version.

Out-of-the-box you will immediately see that these headphones are designed with a minimalist aesthetic. The area a uniform color from the body to the cord. Some make like this aesthetic like myself, while others like my daughter wasn’t a big fan. The only branding found on these cans is a small Urbanear tag on the headband. Otherwise these headphones are a uniform solid color.


 Zinken09 Zinken10 

The Zinken are on the ear headphones as the ear cups are smaller in size than over the ear cans. The ear cushions are composed of a dense foam providing comfort during prolonged listening sessions. Sound isolation is excellent due to the dense padding on the ear cups.

Zinken11 Zinken12

Since these are DJ style headphones they feature swivel ear cups allowing them to be easily manipulated. They can be folded up easily for storage.

The headband is padded and adjustable fitting the smallest to largest heads. Urbanears chose no odor absorbing material especially for the headband area to keep the Zinken from developing a funky smell. The only non-colored portions of these headphones are the metal extenders.

Zinken13 Zinken14

On each ear cup is either a 3.5mm or 6.3mm input. The included TurnCable is a coiled providing addition length without taking up extra room. An inline controller allows the Zinken to play/pause, previous/next, and work with smartphones with call/end capability.


 Zinken16 Zinken17

 Zinken18 Zinken19

 Zinken20 Zinken21


Urbanears Zinken

Introducing Zinken – the most ambitious headphone created by Urbanears yet. Zinken is a brand new approach to the concept of a headphone as a musical instrument. Developed with the professional DJ in mind, with respect to the wallet of the unpaid amateur, Zinken is chock-full of handy features like the TurnCable and the ZoundPlug.

TurnCable-Built with a rugged Kevlar® inside, the TurnCable features a 6.3mm plug for use with a mixer, and a 3.5mm for mobile devices such as cell phones or MP3 players. The TurnCable also features a coiled section giving you freedom to move without disrupting the sound coming from your headphones.

ZoundPlug-Originally featured on the Urbanears Plattan headphone, the ZoundPlug is not actually a plug, but rather an audio output socket that allows another person to plug in and listen to whatever you are listening to.

Design-Zinken is designed to be ultra wearable – the kind of headphone that can be worn for hours at a time. It features a padded headband and comfortable ear cushions for longer wearability.  The increased foam density of the ear cushions achieves superior noise isolation, while the swivel ear cups allow you to adjust your playing style. Urbanears has also chosen to work with materials that do not absorb odors and sweat, for those extra-long sessions.


Urbanears spoke with a wide-variety of DJs during the testing phase of Zinken. Those who play to sold-out arenas, and those who dream of making it big time. Not only were they looking for a headphone that was comfortable to wear, but also confortable to listen to for long periods of time. With this in mind, the Urbanears sound engineers tweaked Zinken’s sound so that it would thrive in a DJ environment, but would also excel at day-to-day use. The result is a headphone that produces accurate sound, with slight adjustments to the low and high frequencies for more comfortable listening. Zinken features a custom-designed 40mm dual diaphragm driver that is finely tuned to provide amazing sound across the entire frequency spectrum.

Developed with the professional DJ in mind, with respect to the wallet of the unpaid amateur, Zinken is chock-full of handy features that you never even knew you needed, like the dual-duty TurnCable and ZoundPlug. Designed for maximum comfort, the Zinken features swivel ear caps, an adjustable headband and specially selected materials that do not absorb sweat and odors. These headphones are designed to thrive in a DJ environment, but also excel at day-to-day use.

Double-duty TurnCable-3.5mm stereo plug on one end and a 6.3mm plug on the other.

One year premium replacement warranty-Click here for more information

ZoundPlug-Instant music sharing.

Microphone and remote-Compatible with unprotected 3.5mm standard such as iPhone, Blackberry, HTC and more. Click here for more information

Coil cord-120cm/47” detachable TPE coil cord. Coiled section for easy movement.

Swivel ear caps and adjustable headband-For maximum comfort

Collapsible-For easy storage and portability.

MSRP: $140.00 ($139 from Amazon at time of review)

For testing I listened to a wide range of music styles ranging from acoustic to hip hop to heavy metal. Like most headphones targeting the current popular market the Zinken provides a rich bottom. Some may say the bass is too prominent but compared to some other headphones that I have tested liked the Wicked Audio Solus, the Zinken’s low end is actually subdued.

Overall the Zinken has a clear balanced sound stage with a pleasing acoustic experience.

While some over the ear headphones feel like you are wearing a vice on one’s head, the Zinken does not fall into that category. Long term listening sessions were comfortable as the padding on the earpieces and headband kept things comfy.

The adjustable swivel earcups allows the Zinken to fit most any size or shaped head. Although the earpieces did not totally cover my ears, they did a very good job of isolating the sound due to the dense foam padding.

In terms of construction, these cans are solidly made using quality materials. While composed of plastic it still has plenty of flexibility. Since the cables are removable, you do not have to worry about eventual wire damage that affects most headphones after long-term use as they can easily be replaced.

Another perk of the Zinken is that ability to use the TurnCable to plug into standard music players such iPods using the 3.5mm tip and a turn table or home stereo using the 6.3 mm tip. There is no need to change cables as each earcup has the opposite input for access.



For those who like to road trip with a friend, the Zoundplug port allows two users to listen to the same thing. This is great for watching movies on an airplane for instance.


Zinken01 Zinken07 Zinken08 Zinken10

The Zinken headphones from Urbanear are a well-designed set of cans. They provide a comfortable listening experience with excellent sound reproduction.

The removable cord is a great feature, eliminating the concern about cord damage. The dual ends allow the Zinken to work with most any audio playback device without the need of an adapter; simply reverse the cord.

While targeting the DJ market, the Zinken make great all-purpose headphones with their excellent sound isolation and comfort. The inline controller allows them to be easily used with an Android Phone or iPhone as well.

Since these are professional DJ grade headphones so they will cost more than other headphone styles. The expensive price is probably the only drawback to these headphones.



+Simple design
+Includes inline remote
+Solidly constructed
+Reversible TurnCable
+Can daisy chain headphones



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  1. jessica
    October 23, 2013 at 8:33 am

    is the zinken good for another type of music such as indie, folk, and acoustic?

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