Review of V-Moda True Blood REVAMP In-Ear Noise Isolating Headphones with 1-Button Mic

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True Blood is one of my favorite shows on TV, there’s just something about vampires that I’ve always liked, and no I don’t mean those sappy Twilight ones either. True Blood has done very well and with success comes themed accessories and more, one of them is from V-Moda called the Revamp In-Ear headphones and that’s what I’ve got for review today. If you’re a true Blood fan then you’ll want to continue reading and if not you can read on too as these headphones are fairly decent in sound and design.

As one would expect the box is True Blood themed.

vamp1 vamp2

Inside you’ll find another plastic box, advertisement and user manual.

vamp3 vamp4

Once you get everything laid out you’ll see the earphones, extra buds, ear hooks and a carrying pouch with the True Blood logo on it. Sadly the carrying pouch is only a cloth bag, I would have liked to see something a bit more substantial as the bag might not protect them to well.


The ear hooks are meant to be used with the earphones and they’re for the more active people out there. The buds are soft medical grade silicone and come in different sizes for the perfect fit.


The cables are kevlar reinforced cloth to make sure they’re durable but yet lightweight.


On the cables you’ll find a small black clip with the True Blood logo on it for clipping to your shirt or wherever to make sure they stay in place.


In-Line you’ll find the controls for play and pause that also act as the answer/end call button. The True Blood logo is there and it’s shaped like a silver bullet and at the tip is a brown rubber piece that I would think is supposed to be wood. Get it, silver bullet with wood tip for vampires?! The microphone hole is located on the bottom of the ‘bullet’.

vamp9 vamp10 vamp11

The connector is gold-plated with what looks like a red gem on the end, nice and stylish looking.


The earphones themselves and nicely made and actually heavy for their small size, a bit heavier than I would have thought. The earphone housing is metal making them feel very solid. On the ends are red caps I guess you would call them with the V-Moda ‘V’ on them. One side of the earphones has the ReVamp logo and the other has the V-Moda logo with what looks like Japanese lettering beneath.


vamp14 vamp15 

Here’s a view of the speakers with the covers off, beneath the screen are the 9mm drivers responsible for the sounds.

vamp16 vamp17

Then here’s the carrying pouch:




True Blood REVAMP

REVAMP : METAL : In-Ear Noise Isolating Headphones with 1-Button Mic
Life begins at night for the vampires of True Blood, when the ability to hear a heart beat from afar is a primal necessity. The pulse-pounding synthesis of sound, style and comfort is designed for mobile beings whose lives begin at night. From the aircraft-grade aluminum silver bullet microphone that doubles as a necklace pendant, to the Kevlar reinforced fabric cables, REVAMP is museum-quality art.

Designed for seductive styling and supernatural sound, REVAMP is a testament to V-MODA’s dedication to quality and innovation.  A masterfully tuned 9mm V-MASQUE driver, verified to strict consistency standards delivers vibrant bass, vivid mids, and vivacious highs. Additionally, the V-PORT delivers a 3D soundstage, invoking the sense of a live music experience.

After years of research, V-MODA discovered that The Fit is the Sound as everybody’s ear is shaped differently. REVAMP’s remastered BLISS 2.0 (Bass Level Isolating Soft Silicone) noise isolating fittings are precisely shaped to create greater sound, stability and comfort for the greatest amount of people. The newly designed medical-grade BLISS 2.0 (Bass Level Isolating Soft Silicone) fittings come in four sizes (XS, S, M, L) and is perfect for those even with small ears. The detachable sport earhooks feature patent-pending ACTIVE FLEX technology, which allows the headphones to adjust independently to each ear and minimize cable noise while creating a secure fit and consistent sound for an active lifestyle.

Immortal durability was achieved through relentless engineering of every component in REVAMP to pass strict MIL-810-STD test guidelines. The foundation of this quality is its lightweight all-metal construction and Kevlar reinforced fabric cables. The durable, fabric cable also reduce tangles while the gold-plated steel plug feature a 45-degree extended strain relief to withstand stress.

Featuring a discreet 1-Button microphone, REVAMP is universally compatible with all iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, Blackberry, tablets, notebooks, audio devices and smartphones with a 3.5mm port.

TrueHertz–The Great Revelation
Did you know that not all headphone drivers are created equally? Without rigorous quality testing, many headphones have variances from unit to unit of up to 30dB, even on the left to right channels. But V-MODA’s strict driver testing program guarantees consistent quality and critically-acclaimed sound in every single pair of REVAMP headphones, every time. When it comes to the frequency response curve, the traditional old-school specifications people judge headphones by, such as 5Hz-30kHz does not paint a full picture. It’s akin to only considering a statue by its height versus its finer details in the sculpted curves and artistic expression. V-MODA sculpts the sound at every step along the entire frequency response range by utilizing a 31-band EQ, lab and subjective testing during the tuning stages.

Price: $99.00

The ear hooks are easy to use, there are three slits in the back that you push the cord into to hold it in place, then you just put them over the backs of your ears and into your ears and you’re ready to get active. They do a decent job of holding the earphones in place while running or exercising, they’re a nice addition to the whole set of items in the box.


So for testing I listened to music on a few devices I’ve got lying around like the Zune HD, iPod Touch 4th Gen, Samsung Galaxy S Captivate and my HTC Surround.


The controls worked with the iPod and with the Captivate but not the Zune HD or the Surround, but I didn’t expect them to either, but I figured I’d give it a try. I also used them with my Android tablet to watch movies and listen to music, sadly the controls didn’t work there.


So for testing I got to listen to a lot of music, and sound is very good at least much better than I expected for a relatively inexpensive set of earphones. I own much more expensive sets and I was surprised by the sound from the Revamps.

The bass is there, it’s not overpowering though, which is something I like as I don’t like deep base at all. The mid and highs are very good as well.

The earphones do a decent job of keeping the noise out but at low volumes they do let some in, overall they do a good job at noise cancellation.

The kevlar reinforced cables are thick, much thicker than other headphones on the market and that can be a good thing or a bad thing. The cables can be a bit loud, they can transfer some sound to your ears especially if you move around a lot. Most of my listening was done sitting at my kids karate class so it wasn’t that big of a deal to me. If you’re an active person you’ll want to use the ear hooks as they not only keep the earphones in place but they help to virtually eliminate the cord noise.

The True Blood Revamp headphones are decent really, all in all I think any True Blood fan would be very happy with them.


vamp1 vamp4 vamp5 vamp13 

The V-Voda Revamp headphones are certainly different when it comes to the styling of them. The True Blood theme is something you’re going to pay a premium price for but that shouldn’t bother the fans out there. The sound from them is decent, much better than I expected from a relatively inexpensive set of earphones. They’re the perfect gift for the True Blood fan out there of course, I for one like them very much. The whole kit is something that I think makes it worth it really, the True Blood theme and extras make it a really great bundle.

The cord noise can be annoying at times, but the ear hooks do help to prevent the noise if you use them.

V-Moda is selling these right now for $99, and that’s not too bad for what you get.


+Very well made
+Decent sound
+Includes earloops for the active lifestyles
+Includes extra buds of different sizes for the perfect fit
+Comfortable for long periods of time
+Includes carrying pouch
+All of it is quality made
+True Blood themed!

-Only play and pause on the controls
-Can hear cord sounds at times and when moving frequently
-Carrying case is only a bag


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