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News for Tuesday April 9th 2013


So it’s time for the news. For me I just pre-ordered the HTC One Android phone and I’m really looking forward to getting it next week. It’s been a while since I’ve used an Android phone, my last two were…

News for Thursday March 28th 2013


So I was running around all over the place yesterday, didn’t have much time to do anything really. I’ve got reviews to post and a few new things have arrived for review. The bad news is that last night I…

News for Saturday June 16th 2012


Hello all it’s Saturday and I’m miserable. I messed up my back and I can’t stand up straight and I’m in excruciating pain right now. Anyway, I have the news for you  so sit back, relax and read some news…

New Products on technogog


Happy Monday, welcome to a new week and we’ll start it off with a listing of the new products we’ve recently added to our main site. We’ve got projectors, cell phones, netbooks, GPS devices and monitors too!