Review of BenQ e-Reading Lamp Floor Stand Extension

Up for review today I’ve got another accessory for the BenQ WiT e-Reading LED Desk Lamp I reviewed last year, this accessory though turns a desk lamp into a floor lamp so you can use it buy your bed or sofa for reading or whatever. The stand is a bit more complicated to assemble than the clamp I just reviewed but it’s still very easy. Read on to learn more….

Specifications and Features

benqclamp1 benqclamp2 


The stand is packaged very well with lots of cardboard and it’s nice to see the cardboard being used instead of styrofoam as I can easily recycle the cardboard with my normal recycling.


Once you get everything unpacked you’ll find the heavy metal base, mounting pole, wrench and accessory bag with screws and rubber feet.


benqclamp5 benqclamp6


The top end of the pole has a pin that meets with the BenQ e-Reading lamp, this is where you mount the lamp. The bottom of the lamp has a plastic clip to hold the power wire securely and a rather thick bolt that goes trough the plate and you use the included wrench to secure the two together.

benqclamp7 benqclamp8


The stand is fairly simple to assemble. BenQ provides a wrench for you to secure the pole to the base, but you’ll need a philips screwdriver to attach the rubber feet to the bottom of the base. All in all it just take a few minutes to assemble really. I should note though the metal base is very heavy, you could easily hurt yourself if you dropped it while assembling it. The base is meant to be heavy though, it’s heavy and wide as to make sure it’s stable and the lamp doesn’t fall over and it works well.



Finishing the assembly you just attach the lamp to the stand. You will need to re-use the screw from the lamp that attached it to the base. You can just run the power cable down the stand and put it in the clip, plug it in and turn it on.




The stand is what it is really, it’s an accessory for the BenQ e-reading lamp that transforms it from a desk lamp to a standing lamp so you can use it by your sofa or bed or wherever you might need it.

The stand is very well made and easy to assemble, just a few minutes and you’ll have light.

All in all I think the floor stand is a great accessory for the BenQ e-Reading Lamp.

+Easy assembly
+Very well made and sturdy
+Useful and looks good

-None really

score-10-10 Recommended


Scores Out of 10
Overall score-10-10
Design / Aesthetic score-10-10
Value / Price score-10-10
Performance / Usage score-10-10

Disclosure: This product was given to me for review by the company for review purposes only for free or at a discounted price.

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