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Kobo Expands with the Vox Social eReader


The Kobo Vox is the new Kobo eReader that features a vivid color display that is 7” in size. The Vox also features instant access to Twitter and Facebook along with 12 free magazines, unlimited music from Rdio and even…

Speck Has Your eReader Covered


Speck makes some great stuff, we’ve covered their products in the past so we should know! If you’ve got an eReader then you’ll want to check out the upcoming product lineup from Speck as they’ve got 20 new cases and…

Borders Kobo is Up For Pre-Order


…and we’ve got yet another eBook reader hitting the market, this one is from Borders. I honestly don’t get the fascination with eBook readers, i guess until I get one I won’t huh?! Anyway the new Kobo will be $149.99…