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Review of Giada Mini PC A51


I always thought an HTPC had to be a big, basically full sized computer, or at least something with at least a microATX motherboard in it with a standard video card along with a decent CPU. My thought on that…

Acer Intros AspireRevo Nettop


I’m torn between liking nettops and not. I like the small size of them, but they’re really just a netbook in desktop form so they’re not exactly powerful. Then again I’m a more of an enthusiast and something like my…

Acer Delivers AspireRevo Nettop to the U.S.


I think I want one.. but then I want every new piece of tech that comes out! Acer America announced that AspireRevo R3610-U9012, an extremely compact, one-liter nettop, is now available for consumers in the U.S. This nettop is small,…