Hawken Beta Code Giveaway

So I’ve got over a 100 or so Hawken beta codes courtesy of Mushkin to give away. If you like FPS games and you like mechs, then you should know what Hawken is by now! The game does not officially launch until December 12th, but there are two sets of days coming up where you can play the beta version. You’ll not only be able to play the game, but you’ll be able to reserve your call sign for the actual game by registering now for it so you’ll be ready when it officially launches. We’ve got a few ways to get a code, so read on to see how to get in on the action!


I bet now you’re wondering how can you get a code?  There are three ways to do it.


1. Follow us on Twitter and I’ll be randomly posting beta codes as first come first serve

-Our Twitter would be here: http://twitter.com/technogog


2. Like us on Facebook and I’ll be randomly giving away bunches of codes to people who reply to the postings about them

-Our Facebook page is here: http://www.facebook.com/technogog


3. The last way is leave a comment, just comment here on this post but make sure you leave a way to get in touch with you and I’ll randomly select a bunch of people to get a code.

-please don’t post your email live so you don’t get spammed. Do it like this for example:  kbrozio @technogog.com  so that way spammers can’t easily grab your email


I’ve got well over 100 codes so there’s plenty to go around for everybody.


Now the beta isn’t active all the time, but you can register now and be ready to play and course you’ll be reserving your personal call sign for the game when it launches.

As of now I know of two sets of days coming up where you’ll be able to play the game, but they add more days often and extend sets of days, you just need to check in the Hawken forums and you’ll find any updates about the days you can play.

Nov 8 – Nov 13 (6 days)
Nov 20 – Dec 6  (17 days)


To use your code and get stated enlist at http://www.playhawken.com/#enlist/ after you have created the account and have logged in at the top right you will see a redeem option, click on it and enter the beta code. Then you’ll be able to download the game and you’ll be ready to play!


Here’s the official site link for you: http://www.playhawken.com/