10 Gifts For The Filthy Rich

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Do you have money to burn?  No?  Me either.  But if you are among the “rich” and “famous” (or not so famous) you may be looking for that special luxurious gift for family and friends for Christmas.  Or maybe you’re hoping a rich relative will get you an extravagant gift this holiday season?

I have to admit being a frugal person by nature, I cannot fathom why a person – even if they are filthy rich – would ever spend such exuberant amounts of money on a gift.  But if you have it and don’t mind spending it, here are 10 ideas that will, well… break the bank.

Zeus Computer – Would you rather have gigabytes of bling on your computer than gigabytes of memory in your computer? If so, Zeus Computer may be the perfect place to find your dream system. Their luxury line of personal computers feature precious metal cases adorned with jewels and gems. From the paltry $570,000 gold “Mars” model to the pure platinum $760,000 “Jupiter” creation, you could definitely find a machine for even the most discriminating taste.


Of course, any computer system is bound to be obsolete eventually. However, these beauties may be the answer to having a computer that loses its value. In fact, unlike most computer systems nowadays, this system really could be more valuable than the data it contains. But can you imagine the cost of upgrades?

18k Gold Gameboy – Are you into retro gaming, particularly when it comes to handhelds? Then have we got a treat for you. For only $29,500 you can purchase an 18k gold 1989 Gameboy, featuring diamond inlay adorning the screen. The unit is in perfectly playable condition, and it is good to note that the cables are included. After all, don’t you just hate it when you lay down $30k for a gaming system and then have to buy the cables?


Case-Mate iPhone Case – Do you REALLY like your iPhone, but find that it is simply barren when it comes to the bling department? If so, check out Case-Mate’s $20,000 diamond iPhone case, sure to put the dazzle on any first generation iPhone. With 42 diamonds totaling 3.5 carats set in 18k gold, you will be proud to whip it out at any social function. But it is not all just beauty, since the case also incorporates special Carbon fiber leather to make sure that it holds up to the rigors of powerhouse schmoozing.


Aeron Office Chair – Tired of everyday office furniture? Have you ever just once asked yourself, “Why can’t I sit in a chair that you would find in the Museum of Modern Art?” Well, my friends, now you can. The $849 Aeron Chair by Herman Miller is adaptable to almost all body types, thanks to tilt limiters, seat angle adjustments, and adjustable arms. Not only that, you can get the chair in one of three sizes. On top of that, the chair is 94% recyclable. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said of your money after you have dropped almost a grand on an office chair.


Gold RC1 Remote Control – It is hard to put a price on the value you get from a remote control. But I think I have found a way to start – presenting the Gold RC1. Shaped rather like a hockey puck with buttons, the $30,000 gold remote control gives you power of not only the media in your house, it can also make you King of your domain with the ability to control burglar alarms, web browsers, email, and more. For that price we hope that it will also control the weather and warp the time continuum to your advantage, but I can’t find any supporting documentation to verify that functionality.


Cupcake Car – Have you ever had a dream that you were a cupcake, speeding through the roads of life under a gleeful sun? Well, Neiman Marcus has just the thing to let you strap on a candy hat and zoom off in a bakery delight. The $25,000 cupcake car putters about with a 24 volt electric motor at a less than brisk 7 mph. Each cupcake car is custom ordered to feature your favorite topping, so get creative before you lay the money on the barrel. Or should we say frosting can?


World’s Fastest Electric Motorcycle – An electrical motor can give you a lot more instant torque than a similar combustion engine. Now, what do you get if you strap a decent sized one to a motorcycle? If it is done right, you will get something similar to the World’s Fastest Electric Motorcycle. For only $73,000 (and patience until Mid-2010) you can have a bike that runs over 150 mph with only a whisper.

The single gear transmission is coupled to a liquid cooled AC induction motor, giving the rider 100 ft-lbs of torque throughout the speed range. But you might want to get the payment in soon, since the exclusive edition is limited to 10, with special numbered plates, exclusive wheels and a trick paint job. Although running silent at those speeds and acceleration, you may not be seen in the first place.


Ferrari Model Car – Do you like model cars, maybe as a hobby? Do you have any Ferrari Models? Well, if you have a missing spot in your collection, perhaps the $4700 1/8th scale Ferrari FXX Evoluzione Model Car will serve as a choice entry. The model, by Amalgam Fine Model Cars, features authentic parts and finishes along with superb attention to detail. Even the tread patterns of the tires reflect the actual car… a perfect gift for the Ferrari collector who has everything (except the need for the $4700).


Computer Bag – Don’t you hate cheap computer bags that just don’t carry the fashion properly when traveling with your gear? For only $1975 you can get a Tod’s Computer T Bag, crafted in Italy just for your personal needs. For the hefty price tag you get a fully featured bag that features not one but two zippered outside pockets along with a larger dual interior compartment. The quality does not stop there, since you also get not one but two carrying handles for your gear. And who said fashion items did not carry value?


Limited Edition Art Guitar – Do you need a Swarovski crystal inlaid Paul Reed guitar, but not sure where to find one? Then we can help – presenting the Limited Edition Art Guitar by Amanda Dunbar. The $22,750 musical (yes, it is playable) crafted instrument features a mahogany neck and a rosewood fretboard. The guitar is inlaid with a “Lions Rouge” work of art, and each is signed by the artist. But you might be afraid to travel with a $22,750 art guitar? No worries, since the work incorporates a radio frequency id tag for security. (Radio tag locator equipment sold separately).


Okay, granted, I don’t think too many people will be buying or giving these 10 extravagant gifts but for those lucky few out there that wake up Christmas morning with a diamond encrusted iPhone case under the tree… I guess you were a very good girl (or boy) this year.

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  1. November 18, 2009 at 5:04 pm

    Just read the 10 gifts for the filthy rich and had to laugh at the Herman Miller Aeron chair! It’s a $850 office chair that you can buy at Staples or Home Depot…it’s not rare, exclusive, expensive or even leather. A more appropriate office chair for the filthy rich (though if you’re filthy rich, you probably don’t go into an office and sit at a desk) would be one of the Ferrari or Lamborghini office chairs from RaceChairs (www.racechairs.com). At $8,000+, they’re a little more exclusive.

  2. November 19, 2009 at 11:44 am

    Of all the items on the list, only the motorcycle would I love to spend such money on. Nice compilation though

  3. November 24, 2009 at 4:53 am


  4. December 12, 2010 at 8:58 am

    Please give me more information. I love it, Thanks again.

  5. December 24, 2010 at 9:08 am

    Wow, they are really luxurious!

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