3 Tips to Playing Video Games for Money


Imagine having your fair share of fun playing video games and while at it, making some handsome bucks! Not so many people have that kind of a luxury. With full time jobs increasingly becoming so scarce to find, this is definitely worth trying. For the past few years, no one could have imagined that this would be achieved. It sounds easy, right? Well, not quite. With this in mind, don’t quit your current job just yet; you have to at least learn the basic tricks first if you have to. For starters, most experienced gamers will tell you that when you start playing video games for the dollar, it doesn’t continue to be as fun as it used to be. In this scenario, you’ll win and lose. However, the following 3 tips to playing video games for money can keep you on the winning side at least most of the time.

1. Take Part in Tournaments

Competitive playing is the best strategy to use when playing for the money. There are so many popular games that have been designed for tournament competitive purposes. Such games will fetch some great prizes and they also pay well. However, you’ll need to first promote yourself as being a great player. This will open up doors so you can be featured in upcoming tournaments. For instance, Kuro Takhasomi, a renowned German video game player recognized as the Best ESports Player has won over £3 million. That’s good money, right? Another key point to remember is the fact that you’ll have to pay for entry costs that are somewhat a bit high. But if you are good at it, it’s worth the shot. It requires confidence and to hold yourself against the other professional players.

2. Stock on the Latest Gaming Gear

As we all are aware that technology keeps advancing by the minute, so is the gaming technology. You need the best to ensure that you keep your gaming skills at top notch. Your competitors are suited up with the best, so should you. You’ll require high-end headsets, keyboard, mouse and other staff that are basic to a gamer.

3. Set up a Gaming Blog

Online gaming has become a very popular topic on the internet, meaning that everyone is looking for ways to sharpen their skills online. Therefore, a great market for gaming content awaits you. Having said that, there’s like a million things one can write concerning Esports. There’s a ready market full of potential users willing to share helpful and informative gaming content. With all the social media platforms readily available, you can, in no less than a minute, launch a post that can go viral depending on your creativity. Let’s now get to the part you’ve been waiting for, how to make money with the gaming blog. Here’s all about it in a nutshell.

  • Set up a review site
  • Ensure that your blog stands out
  • Make it unique to establish a loyal following
  • Include links to some of your best gaming forums you may have a particular interest in
  • Share your content on social media
  • Up with Google AdSense

This is how it happens, every time someone clicks on these links, a substantial amount of revenue automatically goes to your account. This means that with more of such ads, you may end up making more than you can imagine. However, ensure that you don’t go overboard with the ads. No one is willing to go through an article that is encroached with a hundred ads.

And to make it even more interesting, you don’t even have to participate in the video games yourself. Betting has become part and parcel of the online games just like the conventional sports. Why not place your coin on your favorite video game player or team online with a site such as cs go match betting? While at it, remember to open an account, start small, and spend within your budget range.