3 Ways That Using Your Email to Fax Online Will Help Your Business


With the enormous impact of fast-paced technology on modern working environments, most employees of the new generation would probably have a hard time figuring things out inside a conventional business set-up. More than two decades ago, a significant percentage of offices were still relying on typewriters to create documents, corded landline phones to communicate within their network, large drawers to store their files, and fax machines to send and receive documents. But over the years, office systems have drastically improved and most of the conventional technologies were replaced with new and more efficient ones. Computers are now optimized to process huge batches of computations with great speed and accuracy. The internet also plays a crucial role in providing seamless and highly-reliable modes of communication even among multiple parties from different parts of the world. Cloud computing and cloud storage, on the other hand, allow small and medium-sized businesses to get more computing power and data storage capacity with less physical space and less hassle.

What about fax? Even with the development of newer technologies, there are still some businesses which consider their traditional fax machines as indispensable. Clients and business partners would often have a hard time transacting with offices that still use this outdated form of technology. While it is not a sound option to buy a new fax machine that will be rarely used, there are still delivery service centers, hotels, and local supply shops where you can access the device for a small fee. However, it would truly be more convenient if you can send and receive fax anytime and anywhere you go.

Worry no more as online fax services can help you solve your problems right away. And when it comes to online faxing, Gmail Fax Pro is the number one service provider that you can trust. Using this technology, you can send and receive documents to and from fax machines using your email in near real-time. Now, you don’t have to own a machine to transact with your clients as you can manage your files easily from a computer or a mobile device. Learn more about how to fax at Gmailfaxpro.com today.

Read more about the three advantages of using online fax with your email, and see for yourself what it can contribute to your business now.

1. Convenience

An online fax service effectively eliminates all the problems that you will expect with a traditional fax machine; these include paper jams and low ink supply. It also allows the workers to save more time by eliminating the need to leave their personal work desks to check if a fax has arrived. With an online fax, you can also label, categorize, and organize all your files in any way you want.

2. Savings

Having an online fax system can also save your company a lot of money from consumables such ink, paper, and toner. This is because you get to decide whether you need to print a document or not. It also saves you from recurring and expensive energy and maintenance expenses.

3. Security

Another big advantage of online fax applications is its high level of security. The document is protected using advanced encryption systems throughout the entire digital transmission process. Aside from having an alternative to traditional fax machines that transmit using vulnerable phone lines, you can also receive and send documents through your own e-mail address. Now, you can prevent other employees from peeking at sensitive files while you are away.