4 Tips for Finding the Best DJ Controller for Your Needs


The invention of DJ controllers has helped the music industry a great deal in its ability to create unique sounds and eliminate the need for a bunch of equipment. A DJ controller is a device that helps a DJ mix music with coordinating software. This is done with the use of knobs, encoders, jog wheels, faders, and other things. When selecting a DJ controller to outfit your setup, you will need to consider what kind of controller you want as well as the type of software you will use with it. You will also need to decide if you want a controller that has a CD drive or just works with a USB port. This article will help you identify what you need and tips for finding the best DJ controller.

  1. Modular vs. all-in-one. A modular controller allows you to build your system by purchasing separate items such as a radio, CD player, or amp. An all-in-one controller is what most tend to buy as everything you need is in one item. Not to mention setting up an all-in-one controller is much easier and takes less time than connecting chords to each individual piece of equipment if you have a modular model. With that said however, if you are more of an experienced DJ, you may prefer a modular model as you may have experience and preferences for other equipment that you are unable to use with an all-in-one controller. It truly comes down to personal preference.
  2. Choosing the right software. Do not purchase software before you settle on a controller. The main reason for this is that your DJ controller will more than likely come with a software package that is compatible. It is a good idea to use this software as it is what the manufacturer recommends and it is known to work well with the device. Whatever you do, avoid purchasing extra software even if it is a good price. More specifically, if you see a software package that is labeled as an “intro” version, you will want to stay clear of it as you will not receive all the necessary components and you will end up spending more money in the long run.
  3. Cheap models vs. new models. While you most likely do not want to break the bank, you also do not want to buy a controller that has been out on the market for a few years. The technology and performance will be outdated and your music won’t sound as good. While it may be enticing to do this as it is a huge cost savings, you will be disappointed and most likely end up buying a new model anyhow. It is probably best to just buy the new model from the beginning and you will be satisfied.
  4. Conduct research and read product reviews. Before choosing which DJ controller you will invest in, it is imperative that you do some research as some of the best DJ controllers reviewed may surprise you with their level of usage. New DJ’s who are still learning about the profession are often surprised that a controller can be used for more than mixing pre-produced music. In fact, a controller can save you time and money on purchasing other equipment such as a external effects boxes or various cables. Not to mention, having a controller makes transporting items to a gig or a friend’s house less of a hassle as you will not have to pack up boxes of cd’s or vinyl records to take with you.