4 Ways That Installing Windows 10 Can Help Your Business


A secure environment in your business could be the reason why your business continues to prosper. You need to protect your resources and especially the IT ones and make sure that they are protected from cyber crimes and theft. That is what the Windows 10 program has to offer. It has increased security features which protect you from things like ransomware attacks.


When you become used to using specific applications, changing to new ones is always met with reluctance. People are not comfortable upgrading to Windows 10 because they have been using 7 for so long until they don’t see the need of doing the upgrade. Others feel that when you are upgrading to another operating system, there are chances that things will not look the same, and some data might get lost in the upgrade. The migration can even cause the system to be slow as noticed by wmi provider host. Some businesses are not ready to take that risk.

However, even with the reluctance, there are many benefits associated with upgrading to Microsoft 10. We discuss four major reasons below.

1. Security

Security should be a number one priority when running a business. In this digital age, people can complete and automate many tasks by using technology. Because of this, companies are at more risk from hackers and viruses designed to steal personal information. An infection can even lead to loss of data in the organization.

Windows 10 enables businesses to have the real-time protection of their data and devices any time of the day. Whether you are running a small business or a large enterprise, you are guaranteed the same quality in security. For instance, there is a feature called AppLocker which enables IT, administrators, to determine which applications employees can run on their devices and the ones they can’t access. Another great feature known as Secure Boot gives access to programs that Windows has approved.

Devices can be managed from a central point which will enable administrators have advance knowledge of the point where threats are originating from, people accessing illegal sites and also the ones installing applications which are not recommended for the office environment.

2. Productivity

Technology can never replace human beings 100%. And for it to work well, it needs to be accessible and make lives easier for the people who are using it. People are busy in the lives finding a balance between work and their personal lives.

Windows 10 makes it easier for people to work from any place which lets people have a seamless experience regardless of the device they are using. They can also open two windows on the same screen side by side. Another great feature from Windows 10 is the ability to login into the cloud service without being asked for login credentials.

3. Voice recognition

Having voice recognition on a device can simplify many functions. You can set appointments, open applications, dictate text messages and even make a phone call quickly without having to do it the entire process manually.

All this can be done using their voice recognition software, Cortana. You don’t have to find folders manually. It is also a good app for finding information online. All the user has to do is ask Cortana a question, and it will come up with an answer.

4. Network Monitoring

Having downtime on the network can make a business lose clients and money. One primary role of the IT professionals is to make sure that the system is working as intended. It will help them to handle the problem the minute it comes up making them solve the problem immediately. Windows 10 has network monitoring features that enable administrators to monitor the network.