4 Ways Using Your Mobile Can Improve Your Life


Smartphones have become essential parts of our lives, not just luxuries. Ask yourself: how many people do you know who don’t own a smartphone? If anyone jumps to mind, it will potentially be the older generation.

Smartphones have evolved to make our lives easier, with more opportunities to manage our time and improve communications.



If you don’t quite believe that today’s advanced smartphones can enrich your life, keep reading. There’s a reason we’re all becoming glued to them, and it’s not all negative reasons.

Here are 6 ways that your smartphone can lead you to a more productive life.

1. Keep track of your health

Everyone wants to live a healthier lifestyle, with improved fitness, a more relaxed mental state and overall peace of mind. The way that smartphones are helping us with this is thanks to their ability to constantly track data about our lives. From the number of steps we take, our calories burned, fitness levels, heart rate and sleep quality, we now have access at the swipe of a button.

There are several apps that can be installed to help keep us up to date with our health. Just by being aware of them on our phones and knowing our health is being tracked makes us more consciously aware.

Some of the data can be eye-opening, encouraging to push boundaries related to fitness and health goals.

2. You’ll never get lost

Sure, in-care satellite navigation systems are handy, but what are when we’re walking from place to place? Whether we’re walking to a friend’s home, finding a new coffee shop or searching for the nearest post office, the built-in smartphone maps help us locate ourselves.

Let’s face it – no one enjoys getting lost. It causes nothing but stress, especially when you think you have found the right place but turns out it’s more off the beaten track.

The map and navigation systems built into our smartphones are constantly updated, meaning that road hazards, new developments and temporary issues are always tracked.

3. You can teach yourself new skills

With everything slowly becoming digital, having smartphones connected to the internet means we can continuously learn as we go. We’re never without information at our fingertips, meaning that even when in a crowded room, we can scroll through our phones, reading up on how to do a task, or even looking at recipe ideas and methods of cooking.

The same can be said for teaching professional skills. Just about any skill or trade can now be taught online, meaning that even when we are outside of our homes away from a computer, we can download PDF’s, watch tutorial videos or read how-to guides.

Of course, online courses like master’s degrees and specialist courses may sometimes require a physical laptop to carry out most of the work. But the fact they can be studied remotely and completely online allows us to search for these and explore online learning on our smartphones, whether it’s a finance or business skill we need, or a design or marketing one. You can click here for an example of an online master’s degree and how they run online.

4. Take quality photos

Cameras are expensive and a nuisance to carry around with you. There is nothing better than having the ability to take quality photos via your smartphone, capturing unexpected moments.

Camera qualities on smartphones are being improved all the time. If you have an older camera phone, you don’t know what you’re missing! Some of today’s smartphone cameras rival those of digital and SLR cameras, the more advanced they get.

Plus, you can store them via the cloud. Storage of photos and videos can be a pain when it comes to phones with smaller storage limits. But thanks to the cloud, you can quickly upload them automatically.

Overall, it depends on how you choose to use your mobile phone as to how it affects your life. Try to get into the mindset of making your smartphone a positive addition to your life. Think about how you can use it for life organization, communication and creativity, just to name a few. If you use it to work with you and not against you, it will only assist in improving your life.