How Live Dealer Casinos are Influenced By Technological Advancements?


Every online casino player that I know is excited about what the future holds for online casino gaming. What gives them such optimism is in the fact that the world of online casino gaming seems to be in tune with technological advancements particularly in iGaming. A typical example is in a huge improvement in the graphics/animation and soundtrack quality of many online casino games released in the 21st century.


There seems to be an upward trajectory when it comes to the relationship between technology and online casino games. Now, we all can play live virtual casino table games right from the comfort of our own homes and offices. Life has never been so good for an online casino gambler and this article looks at how some of these technological advancements have influenced live casino gaming for good.

Mobility is Everything

Gone are the days when the only way to play slot machines is by visiting a local casino or pub. Not only can you now play video slot machines straight from your desktop PC, but nowadays you can also play directly from a mobile device of your choosing. Players can hook up with an online casino and with their web browser, they can instantly play video slots.

However, these days it is not only virtual slot machines that can be played while you are mobile, but you can also play live casino games. Casino games can now be played on virtually any existing mobile operating system including BlackBerry, Android, Windows and iOS. The size of the mobile device also does not matter, as games can now be played on both large and small display screens.

Live Streaming Technology Rules


One other way that advancements in technology has greatly influenced Live dealer Casino games is in the area of live streaming. This is actually the bedrock for all live casino gaming as, without live streaming technology, live casino gaming would practically be non-existent.

However, live streaming of casino games is also made possible due to improvements in Internet speed and the quality of devices used (PC or mobile). With a smartphone, for example, you can now seamlessly play a live casino game like Live Roulette which would not be possible if you were using a regular mobile phone.

You can now play table casino games against live dealers in real-time just as you would if you were seated at the casino table of a brick and mortar casino. Along with the live streaming comes the use of multiple camera angles, zoom technology, intuitive gameplay and live interaction with other players and the live dealer.

Indeed the idea of playing a game of live casino would not be possible if there were no useful advancements in related technologies. So, before you play that live casino games of your choice, give thought into how much technological work had gone into giving you a front row seat in the game.