5 Apple Software Programs Every Website Designer Needs to Know About

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Are you a business owner who wants to put an e-commerce website? Or maybe you want to build your own personal brand by building your own website. If you are a Mac user and thinking of designing it on your own, then you need to check out these Apple software programs you need to have in order to build a good website.

1. Blocs – this program is perfect for beginners. It has an extensive library of snippets of codes which you can use to build your website. All you need to do is choose a section of your site, whether it’s the header, footer or body, then add the layout that you want. If you are not satisfied with what you see, it is easy to edit the template you have chosen. The software has enough selections to choose your designs from so it does not feel like you are being limited to just one design for your site.

2. EverWeb – if you feel that you have enough knowledge in HTML and CSS and Blocs is too basic for you, then EverWeb is your answer. If you’ve felt limited by the options in Blocs, EverWeb lets you choose from an extensive library of templates, or you can build the site from scratch. While complete freedom is still not available, you can choose more styling options for CSS, and even premade widgets to add to your website.

3. iPhone Emulator – nowadays, it is also important that websites be mobile-ready. This is because most viewers actually access the sites from their mobile devices such as cellphones or tablets. With this tool, web developers can simulate how their websites will look on a mobile device without needing to step away from their laptops.

4. Poedit – this is an editor used to translate the user interface of your website into several languages. This is helpful especially if your target audience for your websites are not just from one country.

5. Browsers – it is, of course, a given that web developers test and view their websites before actually launching them. But beginner web developers may not know the significance of viewing the sites on several browsers. Not everyone just uses Google Chrome. This software actually also lets you test it not just on the regular browsers but even on Beta versions.

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