Modern Mobile Gaming Keeping Manufacturers on their Toes

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It’s a long time since a mobile phone has just been something for making phone calls and sending texts. Today the smartphone’s everything from a camera -and photo album – to a link with the internet and, more relevantly, a mobile gaming device. In fact 2017 is the year when it is being predicted that more gaming will be done on mobile devices than consoles, whether it’s playing for money on sites like wink slots or on more traditional video games.

For some time phone makers have been aware of the trend so are introducing more gaming features into each new generation of phones. Not only are games being played more on mobile but the technology behind these games is growing stronger every year and mobile phone brands are having to keep up in order to accommodate these games on their devices.

New and upcoming phones such as the Apple iPhone S is reported to come with a super-sharp OLED screen along with wireless charging allowing mobile gamers to play the fastest and most high end games possible. Phones that now come with wireless charging are considered great amongst the online mobile gambling community as there is nothing worse than being immersed in a great run playing online slots only to be interrupted by low battery or even worse run out of juice all together.

It is rumoured that the up and coming HTC 11, one of Apple’s long standing rivals over on the Android side will come with a 5.5” screen in yet another attempt to grab the attention of those that will be using their phones for watching or playing their favourite content at high speeds and great definition, especially if equipped with the 830 snapdragon processor. Although many of the modern phone press releases may seem like the same old upgrades recycled to sound better they do actually make a difference, especially in today’s modern society where everything is expected to work in a click of a finger. With mobile gaming companies growing faster and faster and being able to bring out bigger and better games it will be the best and fastest mobile phones that sell the quickest as they will be the ones able to support these new bigger and better mobile games.

It’s not always the big brands that come up with the goods though as lesser known mobile makers such as Xiaomi have an upcoming 2017 release that could really put them on the mobile map. The Mi Mix will come with a 6 GB RAM memory allowing any game to run smoothly on the device and alongside that it will feature an endless screen that takes up 93% of the front of the phones surface area.

This leads us into the final point which is who will come out on top through all this? It is easy to assume that the big brands and their seemingly endless budgets could easily outmuscle smaller competition as technology races ahead and bigger and better phones are needed. However it is also an opportunity for small brands to get it right and make a name for themselves in one of the most competitive markets in business, if a small company was to find the perfect recipe for success with one phone model if could mean serious business for them for a very long time.

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