5 Best Passive Income Sources to Help You Become Rich


It feels good to reflect on passive income when you can earn money while unwinding on a pristine beach sipping wine. Then, to enjoy such a lifestyle, much work is involved, according to financial experts in the industry. Passive income is one of the best supplementary sources of earning for many individuals these days, and it proves beneficial during challenging times such as economic slumps. You will need to read more of this article to get a clear idea of generating passive income and building wealth.


According to an article published on https://www.forbes.com, there are many passive income sources such as affiliate marketing, course sales, earnings through selling digital products, and many more.

Again, if you worry about how to put aside money every month to live comfortably during your golden years, building passive income is one thing that you might consider.

1. Rental income

When you invest in rental properties, it is the best way to generate some passive income, but then it calls for more hard work than you can imagine. If you do not spend the required time and effort to make your rental property a profitable source of earning, you may end up losing on your investment.

You need to mull over a couple of things to identify income opportunities. These include:

·       The financial hazards of buying the property

·       The ROI you want after you invest.

·       The overall cost of the family home.

For instance, if you aim to make $10,000 annually through rental income, and you need to shell out $2,000 on a mortgage and another $400 to pay taxes, you will need to charge approx $3,350 for monthly rent to realize your financial goal.

2. Investing in a business

You can also invest in some business and become a silent partner. Now, this entails risk, but you know that if there is no risk, no gain. Let us explain this point with the help of an example. For instance, many years before, Uber was keen on working with private investors, and now, the cab aggregator company is worth billions! Then, if you invest in a business, you can make money if the company goes public through an IPO. Though not risk-proof, there are ways to minimize the financial hazards.

You can invest little amounts in more than one business, lending money to these companies through small bonds. If you would like to learn about profitable business investment, you need to read more articles and blogs online.

3. Sell online courses

Many people are making passive money by selling online courses, e-books, or video tutorials. Then, you need to have the required knowledge and skills to generate money out of information products. These days, you can sell courses and distribute them via platforms like SkillShare, Udemy, as well as Coursera.

Selling digital courses let you generate outstanding income streams, as the money keeps rolling in once you spend the required time and effort to develop the courses.

Remember that selling online courses calls for a huge amount of hard work for successful sales. If you need to make good money from a digital course, the material should be outstanding because there is no scope for poor quality work here.

4. Earnings from a high-earnings savings account

If you would like to have a good flow of income and want it to work for your benefit, invest in a high-interest savings account. The difference is the kind of account and the location of the same. Usually, these accounts are placed at banks, as well as FDIC insured. Then, you sit relaxed watching the high-interest build up.

Your best option is an online bank because these financial institutions usually delight their customers with a high rate of interest. Did you know that online rates could be 10x more than what your local bank offers?

5. Build an app

These days all use smartphones and iPads with multiple apps. You could generate income by developing shopping, fitness, food delivery, grocery, and personal savings apps. Hire a developer to create an app and sell it on the Android or Apple store. Enjoy the residual earnings.


You can use any of these ideas to generate passive income and become rich. A little effort and time will help you in this endeavor.