Titli Farooqi -Blackmailer and Scammer


So this is interesting, I was just threatened by Titli Farooqi that if I didn’t give him/her a free guest post on my site they would attack my website… great way to start the day huh?!

Let me just say that I doubt Titli Farooqi is their real name, probably fake, but that’s what this person gave me. So be warned if you get an email from this person that they are a blackmailer and scammer who just wants free backlinks to their sites.

The email is: titlifarooqi1@gmail.com (which I’m not leaving live but maybe I should so people could spam it…)

So here’s the first email:



Hope you are doing fine.

This is Titli here and I have brought an interesting offer for you today. I want to post an article on your blog and in return will post your content on my all high DA blogs for FREE mentioned underneath:

bebee.com DA – 61

http://ventsmagazine.com/ DA  – 57

http://vingle.net/  DA – 60

http://cofounderstown.com/  DA – 23

https://www.mindstick.com/ DA – 44


This will be done totally Free and you can earn some strong backlinks to boost your blog’s DA. I will be working as your editor and will be posting your pieces here in exchange to my only one post on your blog.

Let me know what you think of it.

Titli Farooqi


my response to this was: stop emailing me

-yep that’s all I said to this person

Then they responded with:


What? You don’t have manners to talk? It was really disrespectful. It was the first time I emailed you and what I have got was very disappointing.

I just made an offer and if that does not suit you, you can simply reject. Now, I will retaliate, you can either accept the offer and if you accpet the offer I can pay $10 along-with the above offer. Otherwise, I will attack your website with my backlink generator software that will perform the following tasks:

It will create 10000 Spammy backlinks for you blog.

Backlinks from penalized sites will be triggered to your root domain.

Your links will be added into the illegal content like porn, gambling etc.

It will spoil your matrics within a month. Trust me, I have done this many times before.

What option you would like to go with. Check the attached demo if you do not believe me…


and then a minute I got this email:


I have got you answer. Will share the final report after 30 days.

Take Care 🙂


Now I didn’t even have a chance to respond to the blackmail, notice there though they did offer $10 and if I don’t accept the offer they will attack my website!  Great way to do business huh? If you want to call it a business?!

I did google the name and found a few guest posts by them, I guess those sites didn’t want to be attacked or they accepted the $10 offer, and other things I found were blank or broken links related to the name..

There’s something wrong with this person for sure, they’ve got to be mentally disturbed or something surely if they were offended by me saying ‘stop emailing me’ .

So what I’m not allowed to not want to talk to them?!  I’m not allowed to be not interested in their original offer? It seems so..

I’m going to go to those sites they guest posted on and contact the owners their and let them know the type of person they’re dealing with and then I guess I have to contact those sites they listed as well..