5 Cutting-Edge Tech Products You Might Not Know You Can Order Online

It’s hard to think back to our very first transaction online, let alone the world’s very first e-commerce purchase. But according to reporting from Fast Company, on August 11, 1994, Sting’s Ten Summoner’s Tales album became the first online purchase that was protected by encryption technology. And it turns out Pizza Hut was also early to the e-commerce game and sold pizzas online shortly after the inaugural CD sale.



These days we can buy anything from groceries to tires online. But did you know you can also order cutting-edge, high-tech products that can transform your life? Here are five you might need to order.

Security camera systems

You may know you can order your internet security service online, but you can actually order entire security camera systems online too. For example, Lorex Technology has security cameras for sale that don’t require a monthly subscription to a cloud storage service. You can order the parts you need or entire 4K security camera systems that transmit footage and provide power via one ethernet cord. Whether you’re at work or globetrotting, you can monitor your home from your smartphone with ease.

Smart plug

If you’re wishing you could snap your fingers and get the home of the future, you can turn to a simple plug instead. Smart plugs turn everything from lamps to fans into smart devices. Just slide the plug into your outlet and get your device ready. Once your device is plugged in, grab your smartphone, launch the companion app and turn on or off anything you need whether you’re upstairs getting ready for bed or still at the office.

Virtual reality gear

If you can’t escape for a vacation at the drop of a hat, you can immerse yourself in the world of virtual reality (VR) instead. VIVE Virtual Reality System fully immerses you in a first-person experience where you glide through 3D spatial sound and enhanced visual detail. You’ll look like you just stepped out of the future with your VR headset while awaiting your next encounter. Users feel like they’re in the game, not just playing it, and can also engage with artwork, see stories unfold before them and expand their horizons.

Smart car

Remember the days when Michael Knight and his cutting-edge car, Kit, bonded over their adventures in “Knight Rider”? Well, now you can channel your own inner Michael Knight with Dashbot and embrace AI for your car. Designed to be 100 percent voice-controlled, Dashbot connects to a car via Bluetooth, allowing drivers to use it as a smart assistant while on the road; send text messages, find songs on streaming music services and get turn-by-turn directions. Dashbot makes driving easier, more fun and has your back on your next adventure.

Leak detector

Ever worry if your home sprung a leak while you’re on vacation? Not too many gadgets can save your home from potential disaster and give you peace of mind no matter where you are. But the Fibaro Flood Sensor can send you immediate alerts about detected leaks or attempts at tampering with notifications to your smartphone. Just place the sensor just about anywhere, even in small spaces where your pipes lie, to stay vigilant about your home’s security.

We’ve come a long way from ordering a CD online. From protecting your home to turning your car into the next Kit, you can order all of these cutting-edge tech products online. The question is how will you transform your life with the latest tech and where will you order it from?