5 Proven Tips To Build Your Blogger Outreach Successfully


As the competition in the digital space gets tougher than ever, businesses need to think out-of-the-box to capture the audience attention. One of the innovative methods that is trending these days is blogger outreach. Essentially, blogger outreach involves building relationships with the influencers in your niche, asking them to promote your products or services and incentivizing them in return. The objective of this strategy is to leverage the popularity of these influencers for growing the outreach of your brand. However, you need to do it the right way for getting the best results. Here are some tips that can help you capitalize your blogger outreach successfully.



Be prepared

Before taking the plunge, have your ground well prepared. Start by building a buyer persona to understand the audience that your brand needs to reach. Come up with a value proposition, considering the benefits that bloggers and their readers will get from your brand. Have a clear plan regarding what you want the blogger to do in terms of sharing your brand’s blog post. Since a lot of preparation and groundwork will be needed at this stage, it is better to have avail professional blogger outreach service to handle the entire aspects.

Choose an influencer wisely

Since the mainstay of this strategy is the influencer, choose one with great care and wisdom. Shortlist a few popular ones in your domain and choose someone with good following and reputation. After all, their own outreach determines the benefits they can bring for extending your brand’s outreach. Do some research to find out the kind of topics that the influencer is known for writing and assess if that would be good enough for promoting your brand. Learn more about their social media reach and strategy as well.

Build rapport

Just having a monetary agreement with a blogger to promote your brand is not enough. You need to focus on building rapport and long-term relationships because this translates into genuine interest in the betterment of your brand. Follow your target blogger on social channels even before you tie up with them because they would prefer to work with someone they know.

Develop a customized brand message

Ideally, a brand should have an established tone of voice across the entire marketing channels for the sake of consistency. This applies to blogger outreach as well. Marketers at OutreachMonks recommend creating a personalized brand message and conveying it to the bloggers so that they can align their promotional content with it. Give them detailed and honest information so that they have complete knowledge about your brand right from the start.

Follow-up with the bloggers

Follow-up is a key element of successful blogger outreach strategy. When you approach an influencer for collaboration, send them follow-up mails till you get an answer whether they would be interested in working with your brand. Also, deliver them what you have promised, whether it is free products for review or any other form of remuneration. This collaboration is based on trust and make sure that you strengthen it.

Today, shoppers rely more on people rather than brands. Influencing them through blogger outreach, therefore, becomes the secret to success for any brand. Following these tips would go a long way in crafting a successful plan in this direction.