4 Reasons Good Employees Lose Their Motivation


When your employee is not motivated, there’s a chance that the job will be complicated and will take long before it will be accomplished. On the contrary, workers who are motivated are more dynamic and show positive results. Whether you are a CEO of a company or a manager it is your responsibility to inspire your workers and encourage them to be excited to face new challenges.

How to Motivate Your Workers?

Again, when an employee is not committed on doing the job then that’s the sign of demotivation. Different issues can cause such a problem. Workers may be demotivated by setting the wrong goals, fear, conflicts, lack of challenge and a lot more.

In this article, we analyze a few common reasons why employees lose their motivation and reveal effective tips that help employees to solve the issue.

1. Poor Leadership

Poor leadership could be one of the reasons why good employees lose their motivation. A certain worker may feel disorganized when leaders are don’t set correct goals and don’t provide details on how the tasks must be done.

How to be a good leader and help employees?
Effective leaders should talk to experts or read books on leadership topics with different pieces of advice given by psychologists or experienced bosses. Leadership topics have a great variety of subjects and arguments including problem-solving, decision-making, team building, and many others. Managers should be aware of all of these issues to be able to feel confident while imposing particular rules and regulations. In order to inspire workers, making them happy, safe and secure, leaders should clearly communicate with their colleagues, encourage it and build a casual friendly atmosphere.

2. Poor Self-Efficacy
Self-effectiveness plays a major role in how employees behave and response to different situations. Those who show signs of negative outcomes, avoid a challenging task, and quickly lose confidence are considered to be demotivated. How poor self-efficacy affects performance in the workplace? Employees show poor performance and an unhealthy environment, which will make them have negative thoughts and find it hard to fulfill any given task.

How to help employees with lack of self-efficacy?
You don’t need a degree in order to build employees’ sense of confidence. There are many ways to boost workers self-esteem. Although it may need you to balance productivity and quality of their performance. Try to identify their weaknesses, aggressiveness, and behavior. Let workers engage in a challenging task. Show support by telling them you see a potential in their skills. Also, try to mentor someone through its behavior. By showing more attention, you’ll be building an appealing environment with great workers in the firm.

3. Uncontrollable Emotions
Workers who have uncontrollable emotions is another factor. People with anger, anxiety, sadness, and fear are likely to be not motivated enough to carry the workloads. Apart from that, workers who are unable to control their emotions show inappropriate response to the given settings. How this trait affects employee’s performance?

• It affects productivity as well as professional reputation.
• It leads to poor decision making, and one can’t think straight.
• It causes troubles for other employees.
• It has negative effects on health. A person can become sick and may often take leaves of absence.

How to help employees with uncontrollable emotions?
Companies are often composed of various people with different behaviors. When particular worker’s performance should be considered, select an area where you can talk. Choose a room where they can express their inner emotion. Let him/her feel that you want to listen to this person and you really care about him/her. Determine what makes them feel upset, and ask if you were right. This way an individual will see your desire to help, which will make them feel comfortable.
Try to exhibit sensitivity towards your workers. Be careful about choosing words while giving a few pieces of advice. Give them space to have a better frame of mind by setting for another meeting. Your attention will help them control their emotion. Let the workers out of their comfort zone and discover new things. Give them more tasks to distract volatile emotions. Allow them to discover new environment. This exercise allows the mind to keep preoccupied leaving no space for negative thoughts.
Investing time, efforts and strategies often have positive results. It is a sort of reminder to everyone pointing out that they are capable to succeed in their field when emotions are under control.

4. Goal Setting Mistakes
Employees claimed that they are driven by two types of motivation such as; salary and the right goals. People who receive a competitive salary are motivated by the fact of earning well. Reaching goals also inspires them. The ones without peculiar goals may be confused and not effective. They may feel that it is pointless to work and will struggle to complete projects. Why goal setting mistakes can lead to disaster? Firstly, it may lead employees to overwork engaging in the task without clear results. Secondly, employees fail because they lose their focus when shattered. Thirdly, it encourages workers to ignore their responsibilities, which can damage the company’s reputation.

How to set clear goals for your employees?
Having the right goals motivates workers. Precise purposes allow employees to measure their own success. Managers are responsible for setting straightforward goals that motivate everyone. It should be aligned with the company’s objectives, which are easy for them to understand. A leader must have a clear beginning and ending point. A challenging but at the same time achievable. It should also be supportive by rewards at the end of the project to please the workers to make them more engaged in what they are doing.
Honestly, the best time to motivate people you are collaborating with is in the very beginning. They should be guided well from the moment they start being a part of a company. All in all, to prevent demotivation in the working environment, one should understand the reasons good employees lose their wish to work and bear in mind a few tips to solve this issue in case it appears.