8 Technical Skills That Can Make You a More Appealing Job Candidate


Applying for a job is always a bit stressful and nerve-racking; after all, you’re supposed to impress a hiring manager both on paper and in person, and it’s not always easy to know exactly what they’re looking for. Furthermore, job search sites are so massive and diverse with a seemingly endless sea of postings to sift through in different categories, so even choosing an initial direction in regard to which position you want to apply for can be a challenge. Apart from that, as the number of startup tech companies progressively grow, the number of competition also grows. However, regardless of which kind of job or industry you’re considering, you can drastically improve your chances of being hired by picking up the following eight skill sets:


1. Statistical Analysis

Every company needs a stat nerd to crunch the numbers and generate insightful reports that will drive forward progress and help protect the business from threats like poor financial management or cybersecurity lapses. There are so many applicable uses for statistical analysis in every line of work, so hiring managers will look favorably upon any credential that proves you’re knowledgeable in this field. If you’re willing to take the long, less-traveled road, you could earn your online masters in applied statistics and become an ideal candidate for jobs that pay $70,000-$100,000+ annually.

2. Word Processor Proficiency

The ability to use a word processor (mainly Microsoft Word) proficiently can get you in the door for most clerical and desk work positions. Plus, it just looks good on your resume as an extra skill to mention and it’s pretty easy to master the use of Microsoft Word with a course that should take no more than a couple of months. While it’s not going to provide the kind of power punch that a degree in applied statistics or another advanced field would, it’s a quick and easy resume booster that every serious business person should pursue.

2. Excel Proficiency

Similar to Microsoft Word proficiency, the ability to use Excel like a pro will definitely get you noticed in a stack of papers, especially if you have a portfolio of spreadsheets and presentations you’ve made using the software. Almost every company would love to have a good Excel expert on their team, so you’ll instantly be making yourself a more appealing applicant for virtually any office job.

3. Web Design

Having a web design certification or degree on your resume is a great way to show overall competency as an employee. Even if you’re applying for a job that has nothing to do with building websites, prospective employers understand the kind of intelligence it takes to build websites, and many of them might be interested in utilizing some of your design services in-house as part of a secondary employment opportunity. Plus, in terms of strengthening your portfolio, few things look better than a catalog of well-designed sites and pages that you personally built.

4. Fast Typing

Any job position that involves typing, of which there are many, will obviously require you to prove your proficiency as a typist. Thus, even though you’ll still have to prove yourself to a prospective employer, simply listing your typing speed on your resume can be a quick way to impress whoever is looking it over. Learning how to type fast can seem difficult in the beginning, but with the right training software and a bit of persistence, almost anyone can become proficient typist in matter of 2-6 months.

5. Server Administration or IT Skills

Having a comprehensive knowledge of information technology (IT) and server administration isn’t just a skill, it’s a foundation for a career in and of itself. Server administrators are paid hefty annual salaries averaging in the range of $60,000-$100,000. The only danger of having this credential is that some employers may try to say you’re overqualified for lower-paying positions, which isn’t really a problem because that is true – you’d be capable of landing much higher-paying jobs. However, a degree in IT is a testament to overall intelligence that will certainly help you in your pursuit of any decently complex job, such as a managerial position.

6. Business Writing

As a skilled and certified business writer, you’ll not only have another cool trait to mention on your resume, you’ll also have the ability to craft convincing emails, applications, and proposals. Plus, you’ll be able to write your own resume in a way that will probably provide even more satisfactory results than hiring a paid resume writing service. There are many online business writing courses that will have you writing and formatting emails, letters, and documents like an experienced CEO within a matter of weeks, especially if you already have decent grammar and general writing skills.

7. SEO Skills

Finally, every company needs to have search engine optimization done for their official website and blog, so having this on your resume is a great way to spark curiosity in a hiring manager. At a bare minimum, they’ll probably ask you what kind of services you offer and how much you charge, and they’ll most likely want to see your portfolio. Of course, SEO is also a foundational skill that you can use to build a career as an online marketer or the owner of an SEO firm. An SEO certification will look great on your application any time you’re applying for a job that is even remotely related to technology.

These Skills Can Also Help You Succeed as an Entrepreneur

Many people choose to purse a degree because they intend to use it as a credential that will get them a better job. However, you may find out that the skills provided by your education will equip you to venture into your own business endeavors later in life. If you were to spend a few weeks at a time becoming familiar with all of the above skills and gaining an entry-level understanding of each one, you might not have the shiniest stars on your resume for employers to look at, but you’ll know enough to launch an online business and make a decent go at it.