Roulette on the Go, the Mobile Solution


Smartphones are now nearly as important to some people as food and water apparently. While this may not be exactly true, it is true that for many of us, we run our whole lives around the devices. From using it for entertainment, information, shopping, photography, and even ordering food. It seems that the ‘phone’ is almost the last thing we use them for. Playing games, and in particular casino games such as roulette is an increasing option for gamblers on the go, but how do you get started has the inside information.


There are a wide variety of different roulette games available, most featuring the standard versions of the game such as American tables and European tables. Along with the different game types, there are different ways to play also. These could be simulation games, where high-end computer graphics and realistic implementations of tables onto your mobile device, by top software designers, are to be found. Alongside these there are the live dealer games, and these games feature real-life croupiers in studios all over the world who are just waiting for players to log on and play, they then spin the wheel and control all aspects of the game reporting back to the players immediately, a lot with live video showing what is going on in real time. These tables are a lot more akin to sitting yourself down a table in Vegas, and you are able to interact with the croupier and feel a real part of the action.

However you choose to play, the basics of the game are familiar to those that have played in a real-life casino. But for the newcomer, the games are easy to pick up. The bets are placed on a betting mat which shows all of the numbers as well as a number of various combination bets. The most popular and simplistic betting that is widely known is to bet on Red or Black. All of the numbers on the wheel have a color, and a straight bet of Red or Black is to guess which color number will be spun. The only thing to watch out for is that each wheel has a zero, which is neither red nor black and therefore would cause either bet to lose. On an American table, there is also a double zero, which has exactly the same result. Once the bets have been placed, and the wheel is spun, no more bets will be announced, and then the result of the spin will be displayed to all players. Winners are paid out automatically depending on the bets they made. Red or Black bets pay simple 2-1 odds, whereas individual numbers pay 36-1. There are also betting variants for odd or even numbers, high or low numbers, as well as smaller groups of numbers that payout higher odds. The thing to remember is that if the wheel spins the zero, or double zero then in general everyone loses, but hopefully not you!