An Honest Review of EMERGE and Its Promise

EMERGE has been circulating through the grapevine, and it definitely has gotten a few interested parties curious. It is a cloud-based software made to help facilitate processing, fulfillment tracking, and basic accounting. It all sounds quite impressive, but does the app live up to its promise?


What is the Promise?

The promise comes down to management of a company’s inventory. As orders increase and inventory grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage one’s own inventory properly.

It’s not that a business owner can’t manage his or her own inventory; it’s just things become so time-consuming that business owners may begin to neglect other duties. EMERGE is meant to take all that away and give owners back their freedom. The app is meant to reduce inventory inaccuracies and optimize order lists.

EMERGE is also meant to increase productivity through its 450,000 lines of hand-crafted code that is designed to anticipate the needs of a business and their inventory.

In the Beginning

In the beginning, users are going to have to go through a simple setup process that allows clients to gain access to everything the app has to offer. The company also has 15 minutes worth of training material for users so they can familiarize themselves with EMERGE.

Of course, training is optional as users can easily rush through training or skip it altogether, and use more of a hands-on learning approach. Being able to skip training is definitely a plus because the app is quite user-friendly. After fully subscribing to EMERGE, the user can invite colleagues and employees into the application.

The people who are invited will have to input the following information:

  • Work email
  • A created user name
  • Assigned role within the company

Taking the Next Step

Everyone that needs to be signed up for the app is in there, and now comes the next step: giving the app what it needs to manage. The application will need updated lists of the following:

  • The company’s customers
  • Any and all third party suppliers
  • All products offered

Business owners who have been using applications to facilitate inventory may be able to import the information that EMERGE needs using something like a CSV file, which the app can read. That is a pretty big plus because it reduces the need to input all this information by hand.

Navigating the App

The app has a dashboard, which is where users can go to explore the entire app and all the things it can do. It is here where users can explore the sales graph or actually tell the app what needs to be done.

Users are going to be able to add new products. Users can simply add the product, enter all information regarding the product, the supply cost, and how much the product is going to cost the customer. Pay close attention to the multiple price list option, which is given to users for each product. Each price comes with its own expiration date, which is great when a company is running a promotional price or a sale.

Users are going to be able to see inventory levels change live at all times. Each sale that is processed will automatically affect the inventory, and all users will have access to this information. The application will warn users that a particular product is low, which gives them enough time to order more of that product.

A feature food companies are going to appreciate is the app’s ability to remind users when a product is no longer good. The app also gives users the ability to see pending sales orders so that those in charge of inventory can make better decisions.

The app is equipped to handle bar code scanning and BlueTooth scanning devices, making things much easier for users.

Boiling Down the Price

First of all, EMERGE can be free for those who only need one subscriber and do not sell more than 10 items each month. After that, users can choose from the following:

  • Monthly billing goes for $29.90 for each user
  • Quarterly billing costs $28.50 for each user per month
  • Semi-annual option is $27.00 per user, per month
  • Annual billing option is going to be $24.00 per user, per month

Those who aren’t too sure can give the free trial a shot to see if the app really does what its meant to do, but it seems to deliver on all its promises.