Review on EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free 12.8 Exclusively for Windows

Technology is the in-thing these days and it is simply impossible to imagine life without it. Almost every part of life is ruled by advanced technological gadgets like laptops, computers, smartphones, etc. They are used not only to process work, but also to sore vital documents, files and images. But, being just another electronic device, these gadgets are prone to facing accidental deletions, formats and other unwanted consequences, which will result in loss of the stored items. This issue can be sorted by using hard drive recovery software like EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free 12.8.



About this recovery software

It is considered to be among the top data recovery software that is available for free in the market. It allows the user to recover all formatted, lost or deleted data from the removable devices, laptop or PC easily, effortlessly and quickly. Irrespective of the person being a casual user or an IT professional, the hard drive recovery software having simple user interface can be operated hassle-free.

For Mac users

This popular hard drive recovery software is not only meant for Windows, but also for MacOS users. It enables recovery of deleted videos, photos, documents, emails, archived files, music files, including 200+ types of formatted or lost files from the iMac, MacBook and other storage devices in simple three easy, but highly effectively steps.

Some interesting features

This freeware is well known for its comprehensive features that are quite handy to tackle different loss situations. Some of the features are given below:

· Accidental deletions: This recovery wizard allows retrieving of all accidentally deleted images, files, videos, documents and others.

· Formatted disk recovery: Once the disk is formatted, it is possible to retrieve precisely and quickly all lost data with great ease.

· Lost partition recovery: There may arise formatting errors due to which the system might not recognize the partition or cause partition losses. Precious data in such cases can be retrieved with this recovery software.

· Recycle bin data recovery: Once the recycle bin is emptied, the scanning results can be filtered by file type to retrieve lost data.

· Virus attack recovery: Files might get modified due to virus attacks or the computer/laptop may not work properly. With this tool, files can be restored quickly.

· Hard drive recovery: In case, for some reason the SSD or the hard drive gets corrupted and gets inaccessible, then there are interesting features in the software to locate data. If HDD gets RAW partition, then this powerful tool can help access data effortlessly.

· OS crash recovery: There is provided downloadable version of WinPE bootable media for booting the system. It also helps to retrieve all vital documents and files. It can be termed to be a useful and proven backup recovery tool.

· Supported file types: Using this hard drive recovery software it is possible to recover 1000+ file types.

This recovery software tool is free to use and can help recover about 2GB of documents images, emails, audio, videos, compressed files and much more.